Information and travel restrictions in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak are rapidly evolving. For the latest information about COVID-19, and other medical and travel safety events around the world, MedAire clients are encouraged to log in to the MedAire Portal. This page provides publicly available resources and guidance from MedAire and parent company, International SOS.


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International SOS and CDC Webinar

Updated 29 January, 2020

Defer all travel to Chibi, Dangyang, Ezhou, Huanggang, Huangshi, Jingmen, Jingzhou, Qianjiang, Suizhou, Wuhan, Xianning, Xiantao, Xiaogan, Yichang and Zhijiang cities, and Enshi prefecture, including Lichuan city (all Hubei province), until further notice.

The authorities have suspended all public transport facilities in the aforementioned cities of Hubei including intercity buses, subway and ferries, to stop the spread of the virus. Since 26 January, long-distance shuttle buses to and from the capital Beijing and Shanghai city have also been suspended. There is no information available about how long the suspensions will last.

There continues to be a rapid rise in the number of confirmed cases in mainland China, and ongoing exported cases to new countries, as well as those that have already reported them. In addition, locations outside Mainland China, including Germany, Japan and Taiwan have reported locally-acquired infection from travellers from China. Some authorities such as the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have advised their citizens against all non-essential travel to China.

MedAire and International SOS are monitoring this fast changing situation closely.

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Updated 23 January, 2020

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