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September 16, 2021 MSN NZ Coronavirus: How safe is it to travel by plane, train or cruise liner?
September 15, 2021 MSN - Australia Covid: How to sanitise and stay safe while flying
September 10, 2021 宠物飞行数量增长86% 维思达升级宠物飞行计划
September 09, 2021 TravelDailyNews International VistaJet sees 86% increase in pet travel
September 08, 2021 Travel News Asia VistaJet's Cabin Hostess Training Now Includes First Aid for Pets
September 08, 2021 Korea News Gazette VistaJet sees 86% increase in pet travel and enhances its VistaPet program with dedicated crew training and more pet partners
September 08, 2021 Jioforme VistaJet has increased pet travel by 86% and is enhancing its VistaPet program with dedicated crew training and more pet partners.
September 02, 2021 MSN Ireland Coronavirus: How to stay safe on a flight
August 30, 2021 Aerospace Medical Association September 2021 Corporate News Bites
August 20, 2021 Business Air News IBAC seeks to improve public health with collaborative iPACK
August 19, 2021 Superyacht Security & Privacy: Nothing Is "Mission Impossible" for Oceanco
August 17, 2021 數位時代 掃條碼就能看PCR檢測報告!數位健康通行證成搭機趨勢,長榮、華航如何佈局?
August 16, 2021 Aviation International News IBAC Aids ICAO Global Reopening Effort through Workshop
August 05, 2021 Verywell Health What Exactly Does the CDC Do?
August 04, 2021 The Islander Superyacht community sees 40% increase in need for medical support
August 02, 2021 GloucestershireLive Bristol Airport: Why you shouldn't wear shorts on aeroplanes, according to a flight attendant
July 29, 2021 風傳媒 許高慶觀點:兼顧安全與前瞻,政府應開發「數位疫苗䕶照」
July 22, 2021 聯合理財網 童醫加入AOKpass電子健康護照平台 防疫與國際接軌
July 22, 2021 The Epoch Times (Taiwan) 童醫加入AOKpass 試行電子健康護照驗證
July 21, 2021 大纪元新闻网 童医加入AOKpass 试行电子健康护照验证
July 15, 2021 Tourexpi EVA AIR testet AOKpass für die Abfrage von COVID-19-Testergebnissen
July 14, 2021 TTR Weekly EVA Air Launch digital health passport
July 14, 2021 Citymilanonews Eva Air to unveil first Asian pilot of AOKpass
July 14, 2021 Duty Free Magazine EVA Air launches ICC AOKpass on SFO and LAX flights
July 14, 2021 Travolution EVA Air to start first trial of health certification app AOKpass in Asia | Travolution
July 13, 2021 Verywell Health 3 Things to Know About the Delta Variant, According to an Infectious Disease Expert
July 13, 2021 TD Ameritrade MedAire: EVA Air to Launch First Asian Pilot of the AOKpass
July 12, 2021 Travel Mole EVA Air first airline in Asia to test AOKpass health certificate
July 11, 2021 China Travel News EVA Air launches digital health passport on SFO and LAX flights
July 10, 2021 聯合新聞網 客運新策略 推數位通行證
July 10, 2021 World Journal 長榮推旅客健康聲明 網上填表
July 09, 2021 International SOS Eva Air to Launch First Asian Pilot of The AOKPass
July 09, 2021 華人今日網 台北-洛杉磯 長榮航空試行電子健康護照驗證 - Chinesedaily 南加社區新聞
July 08, 2021 TTG China 长荣航空美西线试行「旅客健康声明」电子化系统
July 08, 2021 台灣新生報 長榮航空試行AOKpass電子健康護照平台
July 08, 2021 Centre For Asia Pacific Aviation EVA Air launches online health platform, trialling AOKpass
July 08, 2021 World Journal 長榮航空防疫推出兩項新電子措施 減少不必要接觸
July 08, 2021 Line Today Taiwan 長榮航推電子健康護照平台
July 08, 2021 TNews 長榮航防疫新措施試行AOKpass電子健康護照平台- 新聞
July 08, 2021 TNews 長榮2航線明起試行健康護照驗證健康聲明免手填!今電子化 ...
July 08, 2021 Line Today Taiwan APP預約檢測PCR取得驗證碼 長榮航空推電子健康護照平台
July 08, 2021 HiNet新聞 長榮航空AOKpass電子健康護照平台試行
July 08, 2021 自由時報電子報 長榮推AOKpass電子健康護照平台 華航整合防疫資訊
July 08, 2021 MSN 台灣 簡化機場防疫檢驗!長榮明日試行「旅客健康聲明」電子系統
July 08, 2021 Line Today Taiwan 長榮航空推健康護照平台 洛杉磯舊金山航線試辦(圖)
July 08, 2021 MoneyDJ 理财网 長榮航防疫新措施 試行AOKpass電子健康護照平台
July 08, 2021 新頭殼newtalk 簡化機場防疫檢驗!長榮明日試行「旅客健康聲明」電子系統 | 生活 | 新頭殼 Newtalk
July 08, 2021 工商時報 《航運股》因應國際檢測證明 長榮航試行AOKpass電子健康護照平台
July 08, 2021 工商時報 長榮航空防疫新措施 試行AOKpass電子健康護照平台
July 08, 2021 聯合理財網 長榮航空推健康護照平台 洛杉磯舊金山航線試辦
July 08, 2021 蘋果即時新聞 - 蘋果日報 長榮航推旅客健康聲明e化系統 美西線試行電子健康護照驗證 | 蘋果新聞網 | 蘋果日報
July 08, 2021 ETtoday 長榮2航線明起試行健康護照驗證 健康聲明免手填!今電子化
July 08, 2021 財訊快報 長榮航試行AOKpass電子健康護照平台,推出「旅客健康聲明」電子化系統(15:43)
July 08, 2021 富聯網 個股:長榮航試行AOKpass電子健康護照平台,推出「旅客健康聲明」電子化系統
July 08, 2021 聯合新聞網 長榮2航線明起推健康護照驗證 旅客健康聲明也電子化
July 01, 2021 International SOS Superyacht community sees 40% increase in need for medical support
June 30, 2021 Travel Industry Professional EVA Air testet AOKpass für Corona-Test-Abfrage
June 29, 2021 Verywell Health 4 Ways Offices Can Make Returning to Work Safe, According to an Infectious Disease Expert
June 28, 2021 Forbes France A quoi ressemblera le tourisme de demain ? | Forbes France
June 17, 2021 Superyacht Times Panic rooms, escape pods and drone detection: The secrets of yachts with spy worthy security
June 08, 2021 Singapore Medical Journal Responding to an in-flight medical emergency
May 24, 2021 WhaTech Superyacht Security & Privacy: Nothing Is "Mission Impossible" for Oceanco
May 24, 2021 Heraldo De La Manga Crecimiento del mercado de Los kits de primeros auxilios de seguridad del océano por regiones principales, participación, tendencias de desarrollo, tamaño de la empresa y pronóstico para 2021-2025
May 24, 2021 USA TODAY For safety, baby needs a seat on the flight
May 16, 2021 SEOTOOLSニュース Superyacht Security & Privacy: Nothing Is "Mission Impossible" for Oceanco
May 12, 2021 HR - Blogs AOKpass and SITA Partner to Support Global Travel Recovery Ecosystem
May 12, 2021 ARCHYDE The puzzle of fake PCR tests
May 12, 2021 La Croix Covid-19 : le casse-tête des faux tests PCR Abonnés
May 12, 2021 Travolution SITA to work with AOKpass to embed health app into airport and airline systems | Travolution
May 11, 2021 Orang Naik Pesawat Lebih Mudah Tertular Virus Corona, Masa Iya?
May 10, 2021 Aviation International News Metrojet Adds MedAire's Security Offering
May 07, 2021 Airport Technology - Verdict SITA and AOKpass partner to aid international travel recovery
May 06, 2021 Hotelier Indonesia International SOS: AOKpass and SITA Partner to Support Global Travel Recovery Ecosystem
May 06, 2021 Ad Hoc News SITA, the technology provider for the air transport industry, has signed a partnership with AOKpass, currently the world’s most operationally advanced health pass platform and app.
May 02, 2021 This advanced medical accessory is the unexpected superyacht must-have of 2021
April 29, 2021 Jioforme Top 15 Aerospace Medicine Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2021
April 29, 2021 International Private Medical Health Insurance Magazine Metrojet And Medaire Celebrate Enhanced Partnership With Implementation Of Medaire's Operational Security Solution
April 28, 2021 Aerospace Medical Association MedAire's Security Solution Adopted by Metrojet
April 28, 2021 Uitspraken - - Tenders ECLI:NL:RBNHO:2021:2793
April 28, 2021 Superyacht News MSN 1905: Everything you need to know
April 28, 2021 Slobodna Dalmacija Smije li se piti alkohol nakon cijepljenja? Stručnjaci analizirali učinke i slažu se u jednom: Količine utječu na sve biološke sustave, mogu se pogoršati nuspojave
April 28, 2021 Hrvatska Danas Smijete li piti alkohol nakon cijepljenja protiv covida? Evo što kažu stručnjaci
April 27, 2021 MSN UAE Avoid Heavy Drinking After Your COVID Vaccine, Experts Warn
April 23, 2021 6060news ترك المقعد الأوسط... دراسة تكشف سبل تقليل الإصابات بكورونا في الطائرات
April 22, 2021 Aviation International News (Blog) AINsight: Vaccination FAQs for Bizav Pros
April 22, 2021 ACI EUROPE Airport Business Innovation Showcase – Spring 2021
April 20, 2021 تابناک باتو نقش صندلی‌های ردیف وسط هواپیما در کاهش کرونا
April 20, 2021 Eva International Metrojet Enhances Aviation Security Standards with MedAire
April 19, 2021 L'Antenne Iata Travel Pass : création d'un statut "autorisé à voyager"
April 16, 2021 Iranian Students News Agency دستورالعمل کارشناسان آمریکایی برای کاهش خطر انتقال کرونا در هواپیما
April 15, 2021 مستقل نقش صندلی‌های ردیف وسط هواپیما در کاهش شیوع ویروس کرونا
April 15, 2021 Yahoo! Lifestyle (US) The One Thing You Must Do Before and After Your Vaccine, Doctors Say
April 15, 2021 Yahoo Lifestyle India Leaving middle seats empty on plane reduces risk of Covid infection, says study
April 14, 2021 Blue Sky EBAA launches Ambassador programme
April 13, 2021 百家号 文旅100人|法航荷航大中国区总经理庞道安:全球航空业的全面恢复至少要到2024年
April 13, 2021 新浪财经 文旅100人 | 法航荷航大中国区总经理庞道安:全球航空业的全面恢复至少要到2024年
April 12, 2021 BizavNews EBAA запустила программу Ambassadors
April 10, 2021 BFM TV Air France et le casse-tête des formalités sanitaires
April 09, 2021 Aviation International News EBAA Ambassador Program To Elevate Bizav
March 29, 2021 Travelnostop Air France sperimenta digitalizzazione risultati test covid sui voli per gli Usa

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