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Why MedAire recommend every yacht carry a Digital Assessment Kit onboard

9 October 2023, London, MedAire has today announced the launch of its brand-new medical monitoring solution, the Digital Assessment Kit (DAK).

Already being used by many of MedAire’s private jet clients (BGA), the DAK contains important, medical-grade tools needed to gain vital signs readings and easily transmit them to MedAire. It includes: a 12 lead ECG, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, digital glucometer and a contactless thermometer.  

The DAK is accompanied by MedAire’s new MediConnect App, which was designed for the specific needs of maritime clients, from the learnings of hundreds of thousands of MedAire’s cases over its 35 year history.

When a medical situation occurs, the MediConnect App guides the responder through various scenarios from drowning to chest pain. It helps provide immediate care, gathers vital signs data and patient information and transmits it to MedAire for medical recommendations and/or diagnosis.

The App is powered by algorithms that ensure that only the most necessary patient information is taken as per the injury or illness, creating time efficiencies for the responder and avoiding any miscommunications that can arise when providing information over the phone. The App can also be used offline, to provide immediate care even when Internet is not available.

Steven Bates, General Manager at MedAire says that “We are incredibly excited to launch the DAK to our superyacht clients and we are confident that captains and crew will quickly see the necessity for such equipment. The solution itself is intuitive, easy-to-use and fills a niche within the medical monitoring solution space.”

The DAK is designed to be used by non-medical professionals and requires minimal training for crewmembers onboard. It provides a unique alternative to existing options available on the market, offering a cost-effective solution that makes medical monitoring accessible to more vessels.  

To find out more, contact MedAire here or reach out to your Account Manager.