MedAire's expertise is valued across the industries we server. Many of our executives participate on advisory boards to lend the knowledge of our unparalleled experience and help solve the issues that you face as your operations evolve.

Joan Sullivan Garrett
Chair of the Board MedAire, an International SOS Company

35+ years at MedAire

National Aviation Hall of Fame [Link]
International Air and Space Hall of Fame [Link]
NBAA Meritorious Service to Aviation Award [Link]
International Aviation Women’s Association Woman of Excellence Award [Link]
Flight Safety Foundation’s Business Aviation Meritorious Service Award [Link]
Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year [Link]

Bill Dolny
CEO MedAire, Aviation

10+ years at MedAire

NBAA Leadership Council [Link]
NBAA Advisory Council [Link]
Steven Bates
General Manager Maritime

11+ years at MedAire

International Superyacht Society Board of Directors [Link]

Jodi Ash
General Manager Aviation Americas
General Manager Aviation & Maritime Products

15+ years at MedAire

National Air Carriers Association [Link]
Peter Tuggey
General Manager Aviation International

11+ years at MedAire

BBGA [Link]

Dr. Paulo Alves
Global Director Aviation Health

14+ years at MedAire

NBAA Safety Committee [Link]
AsMA Air Transport Medicine Committee [Link]
Airport Cooperative Research Program [Link]
ICAO – Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation - CAPSCA [Link]
Richard Gomez
VP Aviation Solutions

21+ years at MedAire

Air Charter Safety Foundation [Link]

John Cauthen
Director of Security, Aviation & Maritime

3+ years at MedAire

NBAA Security Council [Link]
TSA Aviation Domain Intelligence Integration Analysis Cell (ADIAC) [Link]