At MedAire, we value privacy.

Here you can find information on our privacy principles as well as direct links to our privacy notices, and how to contact us.


We make privacy a priority

Throughout MedAire, Privacy is a genuine priority. This means we review and act upon privacy at the highest levels of the organisation. This includes having a dedicated Data Protection Committee that reports to our board and an operational Information Security and Privacy Committee that monitors privacy and continuous improvement within our organisation.


We protect your personal information

We implement comprehensive measures to protect personal data across everything we do. For example, this includes ensuring ongoing training for all colleagues within an organisation, having clear procedures for our colleagues to follow, and maintaining leading certifications that demonstrate our privacy and security practices.


We are focused on transparency

It’s important to us that you know how we collect and use your personal information. To do this, we publish clear privacy notices and wherever possible, we inform you of how we will use your information at the point of collection. Where we are working with your employer and receive information from them, we work with them to maintain this principle of transparency. Importantly, we never sell your personal information.


We give you choices

Where applicable, we allow you to influence how we collect and use your personal information. This includes providing you with options as to how we share your data when you reach out to us for assistance, as well as options as to how we monitor your use of our services through cookie management.

We design all of our products and services with privacy in mind


Website Cookies

To change your preferences at any time, click the cookie icon at the bottom left of your screen.


Data Subject Rights

Exercise your rights by submitting a request using the link below.


Ask a Question

Contact our Data Protection Officer for any questions not answered in our Privacy Centre.

We have DPOs who understand MedAire clients working to keep your data safe


Contact Information

If you choose to contact us, we’ll collect your name and contact details to be able to reply to you, as well as who you work for to help us to link your contact with our ongoing client relationships.



We monitor how you interact with our websites and services to help us to improve these and to identify any issues. This includes information such as your IP Address, device identifiers, and information on what you interacted with across our sites and services. For information on our use of cookies and other storage, please click the cookie icon on the left of your screen.


Web Visitors

We collect data from visitors to our websites. For more information on what we collect, visit our Website Privacy Notice below.