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Global flight departments with multiple aircraft, domestic operations with one jet and everyone in between can benefit from MedAire’s suite of travel safety solutions. 

we have solutions for:


MedAire has built the world’s largest and most robust solution for the needs of the business aviation client, leveraging destination analysis, training, expertise, medical equipment, and a network of medical, security and logistics providers worldwide. Flight departments can vet their itinerary with MedAire experts while preparing missions. Analysis includes reports of incidents impacting local security conditions, infrastructure stability and continuity of travel and other threats to your successful operation. At destination, employees and their guests have MedAire Membership for the duration of the trip, including access to Global Medical and Security Assistance.


MedAire’s MedLink assists crewmembers when medical events occur in-flight. An emergency room doctor helps crew administer medication from onboard medical kits and advises if the patient’s status requires medical diversion.


MedAire training ensures you, your passengers and crew can confidently respond to in-flight medical events, with the medical supplies and resources available to care for unwell passengers.  


MedAire offers a variety of medical kits and medical equipment to ensure your aircraft are outfitted with adequate medical supplies based on the needs of your passengers and your itineraries. 

Expert Care, Everywhere.

With over 30 years of aviation experience, MedAire provides expert medical and security assistance in-flight and on the ground.
Our leading travel risk safety solutions tightly integrate our best-in-class assistance, training for your crew, medical kits and equipment all of which ensure the health and safety of those on board and enable you to exercise duty-of-care in your capacity as aircraft owner.
Whether travelling with your aircraft or on a commercial flight, membership follows you. Call as often as you need. There is no limit for using the service — MedAire is there to help.

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