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Training Departments

MedAire was founded on the principle that excellent medical care should be available everywhere - even while in the air. With that belief, the company’s founder - an In-Flight Nurse - developed a medical training program for the unique needs of airlines and the aviation environment.

Today our integrated approach for medical training includes the medical kits and equipment on board the aircraft, real-world scenarios that focus on your in-flight medical event trends, and your policies and procedures. MedAire also provides training products about assisting passengers with disabilities, customer service compliance, security awareness and risk mitigation. 

we have solutions for:

Solutions Designed With You In Mind

MedAire delivers an integrated medical and security solution for airlines that includes training, equipment, and professional services for crew and passengers beyond the cabin.

Expert Care. Everywhere.

MedAire is the leading provider of medical, training, equipment and security solutions in the aviation industry. No other provider can match MedAire's extensive knowledge of a carrier's operations, governing regulations and three decades of in-flight medical assistance. Our integrated approach provides consistent care to crew and passengers in the air and on the ground.

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