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MedAire partners with LJ eLogbooks to enhance onboard medical record keeping

LONDON, 20th March 2024 – Leading health, medical and travel safety solutions provider MedAire has announced a partnership with LJ eLogbooks, respected provider of bespoke and digital logbooks.

The partnership initially sees the creation of a new digital, medical logbook, created collaboratively between Liz Jackson and MedAire. MedAire provided input on specific medical considerations, ensuring the logbook aligns with a logical medical assessment format.

Available now, the logbook will ensure not only that yachts adhere to regulatory compliance but that they also maintain best practice in onboard medical record keeping.

Francesca Bradford, Product Manager at MedAire says that “We are proud to announce the partnership with Liz Jackson and launch the new medical logbook. The logbook makes it quick and efficient for users to keep record of onboard medical cases, document any controlled drugs kept onboard and also log medication usage. We are continuing to identify further areas for automation and process efficiency, such as the ability to send MedLink case summaries directly to the logbook – saving clients time and effort”.

The medical logbook offers the following features:

  1. Recording and Reporting: The paperless digital logbook allows crew members to record medical cases, medications administered, and other health-related incidents in real time. This ensures that critical information is readily available for medical professionals and auditors.
  2. Security and Compliance: The logbook adheres to IMO, MARPOL, and SOLAS standards, providing a secure and compliant platform for storing sensitive medical data. Flag states and auditors can access the necessary information without compromising data integrity.
  3. Intuitive, cloud-based solution: The logbook is user-friendly, consistent with the format of other LJ eLogbooks that many yachts use, ensuring a quick learning process. Allows users to access their data both online and offline.

Liz Jackson, Founder of LJ eLogbooks says that “We are thrilled to collaborate with MedAire on this project. Our expertise in creating customised logbooks aligns perfectly with MedAire’s commitment to enhancing safety and medical services in the yachting industry.

“This partnership with MedAire is extremely exciting, especially as the Medical Log is already being requested by our live clients, so we are keen to deliver this for them”.

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