Today’s risk environment is an entirely different landscape than we’ve experienced before. Business travel – international or domestic – exposes travellers to health, safety and security hazards.

MedAire360 is the next generation risk management solution for Aircraft Management and Charter Companies. It covers your operations, crew and travellers the full 360 degrees of their journey – before they leave their house until they are back in it.

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With an increase in both the incidence and intensity of health, safety and security hazards that face both operators and travellers, risk mitigation has become an essential business imperative. With that in mind, we developed MedAire360 — the next-generation integrated aviation risk management solution based on evolving industry needs, client insights, 30+ years of real-world experience, medical best practices and advances in technology. MedAire360 provides proactive, integrated, risk mitigation for whatever may happen, wherever you travel.


MedAire360 allows your operation to reduce exposure to itinerary-impacting events with pre-trip risk mitigation measures.
  • AVIATION SECURITY INTELLIGENCE Map-based MedAire360 portal shows a real-time overview of the health and safety risks of your planned route. Country, city, and airport incidents and alerts are combined with detailed airspace risks by altitude. In addition, the portal allows you to upload your flight routes (beta) and track fleet movement to give a 360-degree health and security risk profile of your mission.

  • PRE–TRIP TRAVEL INFORMATION  Fully brief crew and guests with destination-specific travel safety information. Create reports to customise the information to share with crew and passengers.

  • MEDICAL ESCORT ARRANGEMENT  Coordination of a nurse or doctor to travel with unwell guests when needed.

  • MANAGEMENT OF IN–FLIGHT ILLNESS & INJURY  Demonstrate your commitment to safety by training crew to quickly respond to in-flight medical events. MedAire's aviation-specific first responder training is available onsite/on your aircraft, at select Flight Safety International locations, and now, virtually via online classroom.

  • DIGITAL LEARNING PORTFOLIO  NEW  Provide your team with practical knowledge to help reduce their exposure to evolving risks. Your entire team can benefit from unlimited access to a growing library of online medical & travel safety courses including topics like Women’s Safety, Security in Latin America, Pandemics and COVID-19.

  • FIT–TO–FLY & OPERATE ASSISTANCE  NEW   Advice on whether a crewmember or passenger is well enough to travel safely. Adequately assessing a potentially infirmed passenger may prevent disruptions down the road.

  • SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT  NEW  Two-hour exploratory consultation and written assessment delivered by MedAire’s Aviation Security Consultants to identify potential organisational security gaps and operational risk.

  • HOTEL SECURITY ADVISOR  NEW  OnDemand access to vetted hotels in cities around the world. Our experts analyze the security posture of a hotel using systematic criteria and assign it a rating of either preferred or not preferred.

  • DIGITAL LEARNING PORTFOLIO  NEW Unlimited access to a growing library of online medical & travel safety courses including topics like First-Aid Refreshers, Women’s Safety, Security in Latin America, Pandemics & COVID-19.


MedAire360 provides solutions for your emergency response plan to address in-flight incidents involving injuries or serious medical problems suffered by passengers or crewmembers. Gain unlimited access to medical advice from aviation-trained emergency room doctors at MedAire’s MedLink Emergency Response Centre.
  • 24/7/365 MEDLINK IN-FLIGHT ASSISTANCE  Access to practising emergency room doctors for in-flight medical care.

  • LOGISTICS & DIVERSION MANAGEMENT  Real-time consultation on medical diversions to more than 9,000 airports for most appropriate care and coordination of local emergency response services.

  • DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT  NEW  Situationally relevant diagnostic tools help crewmembers mitigate medical emergencies in-flight. Includes 12-Lead ECG to transmit the best cardiac health information to MedLink doctors.

  • IN-FLIGHT PATIENT ASSESSMENT  NEW  A scenario-based triage tool within the MedAire Aviation App to help expedite patient care and assists with assessment. The app also streamlines communication and includes the capability to transmit vital sign data to MedLink.

    The scenarios included in the App were chosen based on our 30+ year of in-flight data of the most common illnesses and the most life-threatening events MedLink receives calls on.

  • IN-FLIGHT PATIENT ASSESSMENT SCENARIOS  NEW   The integrated Medical Kit feature lets MedLink doctors know the precise equipment you have onboard each aircraft. The In-Flight Patient Assessment prompts first responders when to use the appropriate diagnostic tools.

    • Suspected infectious diseases / COVID-19
    • Chest pain
    • Altered mental status
    • Seizures
    • Shortness of breath
    • Other
  • AVIATION MEDICAL KITS  NEW  Exceed regulations; designed to triage and begin treatment of common ailments and injuries. New integration with the Aviation App allows you to receive refurbishment reminders and prompts in the In-flight Patient Assessment.

Your clients and crewmembers can travel with confidence knowing they have support whether they suffer from an upset stomach, forget their prescription medications, or need advice on what to do during an emerging event MedAire will help to resolve the issue so they can continue with business as usual or find their way home.
  • 24/7 WORLDWIDE CREW SUPPORT  MedAire leverages our medical, security and aviation operations expertise to help maintain your crew’s health, safety and productivity. Whether it’s the reassurance of sound advice or lifesaving evacuation support, you need a partner with the right medical and security expertise and resources to assist your crew.

    Our Crew Support programme is a benefit you may offer flight crew and ground crew, domestically or internationally, to provide them confidence that support is available wherever they may travel 24/7. In addition, crew support services supports operational stability and safety.

  • 24/7 WORLDWIDE PASSENGER MEDICAL & SECURITY ASSISTANCE  Medical advice, triage, and arrangements for passengers and guests during their itinerary. MedAire will arrange house-call doctors, video teleconsultation and referral appointments at hospitals or clinics for your clients. MedAire will provide continual case monitoring until the patient requires no more care.

    Access to security specialists for advice and intelligence. Assistance with arranging Aircraft Guards, Secure Transportation and Executive Protection, if needed.

  • PERSONAL SECURITY SAFE   A unique preventative security service connecting Personal Security Agents with members in situations where they feel uncomfortable or unsafe but that are not yet emergencies. Preventative on-demand monitoring, guidance, and assistance when it’s too early to dial emergency serviceS.

  • VIDEO TELECONSULTATIONS WITH PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY  NEW  Convenience and speed of service are paramount for crewmembers with a medical need. Crewmembers and clients may consult with one of our certified network doctors, via live video, in the comfort of their hotel room. If a prescription is needed MedAire arranges for delivery to the hotel room.

    Most appointments occur within one-hour of contacting MedAire, and service includes prescription delivery within two-hours in most locations. Video Teleconsultations provide escalated time to care in a safe, effective way as crew, and travellers get medical attention without having to leave their hotel room.

    • Compared to dispatching a hotel doctor or going to a medical facility.
    • Speak to a doctor & start treatment within minutes.
    • Quick treatment allows crew to return to duty faster.
    • Guests can receive medical assistance without disrupting their travel plans.
    • No registration is required for the app and no personal health information is stored on the app.
    • Secure & HIPAAA Compliant to protect your client's privacy.

MedAire’s Aviation App goes beyond making you trip ready. Our next generation app assists in travel planning, walks first-responders through an in-flight medical events, integrates with your onboard medical kits, connects you with MedLink, and allows you to be treated by a doctor without leaving your hotel room.


Compatible with iOS 12.0 and later.


MedAire has partnered with Bond to provide personal security for crew. MedAire’s aviation app provides the next level of real-time personal security services. Bond’s ondemand preventative personal security platform enables access to immediate support from highly trained Personal Security Agents 24/7.


MedAire's MedLink doctors have learned from hundreds of thousands of cases that better assessment leads to better assistance. The Digital Assessment Kit offers the most important diagnostic tools your crewmembers will need to assess and mitigate medical emergencies in-flight.


The MedAire360 Portal shows a real-time overview of the health and safety risks of your planned route. Country, city, and airport incidents and alerts are combined with detailed airspace risks by altitude. In addition, the portal allows you to upload your flight routes (beta) and track fleet movement to give a 360-degree health and security risk profile of your mission. The new portal unlocks access to the latest data, backed by the human-led power of our Medical and Security assistance teams.