MedAire Wellbeing Services Powered By Talk To A Peer

PEER-POWERED RESILIENCE | Specialised Support for Aviation Mental Health

Introducing MedAire Wellbeing Services powered by Talk to a Peer, a comprehensive peer support initiative tailored to the aviation industry, designed to elevate aviation professionals' mental health and wellbeing. Combining MedAire's experience in aviation-focused medical and security services with OdiliaClark's Talk to a Peer support network of pilots and industry experts, this service establishes an innovative partnership with unique advantages and a renewed approach to peer support in the aviation sector.



Industry-specific, relatable support: A key advantage of this service is the shared background and experiences of aviators supporting aviators. The Peer Support Volunteers (PSVs) possess industry-specific knowledge, understand occupational pressures, and can relate to the challenges faced by their peers. This firsthand experience fosters a sense of trust and rapport, making it easier for individuals to open up.


Practical alternative to EAPs:  Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) may offer general mental health support but often lack the industry-specific insight. The added value of access to trained aviation peers, aviation psychologists and addiction psychiatrists ensures the services are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of aviation professionals.


Accessibility, Approachability, and Confidentiality: Crewmembers may hesitate to speak with a therapist or psychologist for fear of judgement or due to confidentiality concerns. MedAire Wellbeing Services offers a secure, non-judgemental, and confidential environment where aviation professionals can talk openly to their peers. This approach fills a critical gap by providing an approachable and relatable support network.


Quick intervention and problem resolution: Nearly 90% of all calls to a Peer Support Programs are resolved by a Peer Support Volunteer who understands the industry. They are trained to offer guidance, enabling them to address issues efficiently. They act as a first line of support, helping with challenges before they escalate into more severe problems.


Bespoke support and collaboration:  MedAire Wellbeing Services tailors support each Air Operator Certificate (AOC) partner while sharing the significant costs of the required structure and professional support. This cost-effective approach ensures clients receive customised, highly relevant support.



Empowering your team with the resources they need contributes to a resilient, proactive, and mentally equipped workforce ready to face the demands of the aviation industry. Designed to provide aviation professionals with a robust framework for mental health support, bolstering wellbeing and fostering a positive work environment, here's what members can expect:

  • Direct Peer Access:  Gain immediate connectivity to a network of peers through a web-based request platform. This service allows you to seek guidance, share experiences, and receive support from fellow aviation professionals who understand the unique stressors of the industry.
  • E-learning Portal:  Courses provide comprehensive insight into peer support fundamentals and the essence of the programme to enhance mental health awareness.
  • Talk to a Peer Live Interaction:  The platform facilitates real-time interaction with peers and trained Peer Support Volunteers sharing experiences to broaden your organisation’s support network.
  • Recognition of Participation:  Upon participating in the Peer Support Program, you'll receive an Electronic Peer Support Participate Certificate, acknowledging your commitment to maintaining a healthy and supportive work environment.
  • Promotional Materials:  To ensure that the idea of peer support and mental health awareness is a visible part of your organisation, MedAire provides supportive posters that can be placed in common areas to remind staff of the resources available to them and encourage a culture of support and openness.

Client Testimonials

“We started using Peer Support in Dec 2020. As the programme coordinator for Luxaviation group, I have worked with the Talk To A Peer team from the very beginning and have trained myself as a Key Stakeholder to get familiar with their processes. I enjoyed the responsiveness of their managers every time we had questions or whenever there was a need to adjust their products to our particular needs. Beyond that, I felt while dealing with their management that caring about crew members is not only a job to them – it’s a real, genuine passion. That’s what we needed in this field and what I like the most about the service they provide.”

Luxavation Group PSP Coordinator, Flight Ops Manager and Chief Pilot

“Having spoken to a number of suppliers, Talk To A Peer stood out as, by far, the best option for our Peer Support Programme. As the only Pilot-led programme in the UK, they have gained that vital ‘buy-in’ for the programme from my crews. All of their instructors are superb, and their training is second to none. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who is looking for a supplier.“

Director of Flight Operations, Catreus

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