The MedAire team is dedicated to building solutions to mitigate risks to crew, passengers and guests. In order for people to receive the best care possible, an integrated solution of Expert Care, Education and Equipment is required. 

MedAire pioneered the concept of industry-based comprehensive travel risk mitigation solutions. The expertise developed from providing medical advice and assistance in hundreds of thousands of cases directly influences the content and delivery of the education programmes and medical kits we develop for aviation and maritime clients.

Learn more about what makes MedAire unique in our ability to deliver the best care possible. 
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Expert care

At the core of MedAire are our medical, security and logistics experts.

They seamlessly work together to truly deliver expert care, everywhere. Expert care is the basis of the medical and travel security assistance services we provide.

The MedAire team assists with medical, health, travel safety and security needs – all as close as a phone call. Their experience directly helping clients during real-world challenges drives the development and delivery of every MedAire product and service.

Our remote medical assistance services, including MedLink and crew support, are led by doctors, paramedics and nurses with extensive experience providing remote medical guidance. The analysis and insight we provide clients in relation to travel safety are provided by our security specialists. The MedAire logistics experts make sure you receive the care you need, when and where you need it.

The MedAire Difference

Everything we do – our network, our processes, our services – is to support our clients. Learn about how this makes MedAire different.


Global Support

This video follows the evacuation of a MedAire client. Filmed by the client's travelling companion, it shows the seamless integration of MedAire and International SOS.  


MedAire expertise is carried through to our training courses. After more than thirty years delivering remote assistance, we know the scenarios our clients are likely to face, and we provide training courses to prepare them to respond.

MedAire expertise and client education are interdependent. MedAire’s mission is to educate the industry about preparing for – and responding to – travel safety issues. Educating clients as to the types of issues they may face, and educating them to confidently respond to those issues, is the basis for all of our training programmes.

Our first aid courses, MedAire’s flagship Management of In-flight Illness and Injury training, marine first responder training, and the Travel Risk Awareness training were all developed in-house by medical, triage and travel safety experts.

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The MedAire medical and education teams understand the challenges of being a first responder. 

This expertise goes into the development of our medical kits. The physical design of the kits; the inclusion of medications and supplies; and their placement within the kits are all carefully considered. 

Backed by more than three decades of medical event data harnessed from MedAire’s MedLink service and an expert panel of aviation medical, regulatory, and operational experts, MedAire uses fact-based data to provide clients optimum medical kits for their environment.

The result is the ability for crewmembers to provide timely, accurate care with what they’ve learned in training and with the guidance of MedAire’s medical experts.

The MedAire Medical Product Review Board, comprising senior aviation medical and operational experts, reviews medical kit contents annually to ensure the kits continue to meet the needs of the airline customer, that applicable regulatory revisions are met, and to consider new medications for client health and cost-containment.

MedAire Medical Kits are so highly regarded, they have been chosen by the world’s leading aircraft and yacht manufacturers to be the standard medical kit on all new deliveries.