Superyacht medical rooms

MedAire provides medical consultancy services to some of the world’s most high-profile new build and refit projects.

From structuring your medical protocol to designing and supplying a complex onboard infirmary, our experts are available to lead the project.

We consult and provide guidance on: medical room design and ventilation, lighting and medical wash facilities. In addition, we will advise on the most appropriate diagnostic equipment and medical kits to have on board, specific to your risk profile. 

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Enhanced health partner: a time-saving membership add-on


For yachts who do have a medical room or perhaps a lot of equipment onboard to maintain, our Enhanced Health Partner solution is a practical add-on, that provides medical professionals with clinical guidance and oversight.

Onboard nurses often have to carefully manage expectations about their capabilities onboard, often whilst balancing their time with another role. MedAire help by providing an additional layer of support, providing peer-to-peer support to make their role easier. 

We do this by assisting with medical handovers, arranging equipment maintenance and calibration schedules, consulting on voyage risks and assigning you with a Medical Director for any further escalation or strategic medical queries. 


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Expert Care. Everywhere.

MedAire is the yachting industry’s largest network of medical and security professionals, ready to assist you 24/7/365.

Our team is based all around the world, including key superyacht hubs, from Palma to Fort Lauderdale, London to Antibes, Genoa to Phoenix.

To speak to a member of our team, head to our contact us page