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MedAire’s 35 plus years of providing ground-based medical assistance to airlines tell us we are not building kits for the “if,” we are building them for the “when.” We have assisted airlines with more than 300,000 in-flight medical events. We know what happens in flight, and use that information to equip you and your crew. Carrying the right medications and diagnostic equipment onboard your fleet plays a significant role in avoiding costly diversions. 

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Don't compromise on the safety and well-being of your passengers and crew.

Specially designed for commercial aviation, MedAire's First Aid Kit (FAK) offers an all-encompassing solution to manage in-flight minor medical incidents. As the primary defence in emergencies, it empowers crew members to give immediate care until further medical help is accessible.

The FAK is more than just a collection of medical equipment; it represents a meticulously selected assortment of tools and medications, supported by MedAire's 350+ years of accumulated expertise in aviation medicine. When combined with MedAire's MedLink service, the FAK becomes a move valuable resource to crew members providing real-time guidance from on-ground medical professionals.

First Aid Kits (FAK)

MedAire’s FAK meets local aviation regulations. Our kits are compact and lightweight making them easy to store. The content card is broken out to correspond supplies making items easy to locate. Kits are built according to ISO 2001 standards and contents are reviewed annually ensuring that applicable regulatory revisions are met.

Specifically designed to withstand the demands of commercial aviation, MedAire’s First Aid Kit (FAK) delivers a comprehensive solution for managing minor medical incidents during flight. As the initial line of defence in medical emergencies, it enables crew members to administer immediate care until further medical support can be reached.

The FAK goes beyond just medical supplies; it comprises a carefully chosen set of equipment and medications, backed by MedAire's 350+ years of aviation medicine expertise. Combined with MedAire's MedLink service, the FAK becomes even more valuable, providing real-time expert guidance from ground-based medical professionals.


  • Broad Spectrum of Care: Equipped to handle a wide range of minor medical issues, from cuts and burns to headaches and nausea. 
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive layout and clear labelling make it easy for crewmembers to find what they need quickly. 
  • Quality Assurance: All components meet or exceed international aviation standards. 
  • Assessment Tools: From digital blood pressure cuffs to thermometers, accurately assess passengers' vital signs. 
  • Survival Aids: Equipped with blankets, flashlights, and more to provide comfort and safety. 
  • Non-Prescriptions & Dental Care: Comprehensive care for common ailments and dental emergencies.
  • First-Aid & Respiratory Support: Everything needed to administer immediate care, from dressings to oxygen tubing.


US Dimensions: Length: 11.5 in, Height: 3 in, Width: 8 in, Weight: 3 lbs. 
International Dimensions: Length: 292 mm, Height: 76 mm, Width: 203 mm, Weight: 1.36 kg. 


Meets the FAA’s FAR 121.803(c)(1), EASA’s AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.220, CAAS’ ANO 5th Schedule Scale B, ANAC AOSH requirements and IOSA’s standards.

Don’t see your Civil Aviation Authority listed? Contact us about our custom kit solutions.

    MedAire's EMK is an essential in-flight medical solution, offering airlines crucial tools and medications for diverse emergencies. With 30+ years of aviation medicine expertise, it enables crews to address both common and complex conditions. Paired with MedAire's MedLink service, the EMK delivers real-time expert advice, heightening crew support and preparedness. 

    Emergency Medical Kits (EMK)

    Don't compromise on in-flight safety. Ensure passengers' and crew well-being with our lightweight, user-friendly, easy-to-stow medical kits. 

    MedAire's Emergency Medical Kit (EMK) is a vital in-flight medical resource, providing airlines with essential tools and medications for handling various medical emergencies. Drawing on 30+ years of aviation medicine experience, the EMK presents a complete solution for managing both common and complex conditions. It serves as airlines' primary medical kit, empowering crews to act as first responders until additional help is accessible. When combined with MedAire's MedLink service, the EMK offers even greater support through real-time advice from expert medical professionals on the ground.

    Specialised Care in Critical Moments 

    The EMK is vital for any airline committed to the highest in-flight care and safety standards. With MedAire's legacy of innovation and expertise, you can trust that your aircraft is equipped with the best tools for any medical emergency. 


    • Expert-Designed: Developed by MedAire's experienced medical team. 
    • Comprehensive Coverage: Addresses the most common in-flight medical emergencies. 
    • MedLink Support: Real-time medical advice from MedAire's MedLink doctors. 
    • Prescriptions: Medications for heart attacks, vomiting and nausea, infections, and allergic reactions. 
    • Non-Prescriptions: Medications for aches and pains, dehydration, motion sickness, coughs, and diarrhoea. 
    • Survival: LED flashlight, emergency blanket, moleskin, insect repellent. 
    • First-Aid: Wound and burn dressings, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic scrubs, bandages, splint. 


    FAA Kit: L = 17 in • W = 10 in • H = 6 in • Weight = 6.5 lbs
    EASA Kit: L = 51 cm • W = 42 cm • H = 20 cm • Weight = 6.19 kg
    CAAS Kit: L = 50 cm • W = 30.50 cm • H = 13 cm • Weight = 2.4 kg


    Meets the FAA’s FAR 121.803 (c) (3), EASA’s AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.225, CAAS’ ANO 5th Schedule Scale B, ANAC AOSH requirements and IOSA’s standards.

    Don’t see your Civil Aviation Authority listed? Contact us about our custom kit solutions.

    MedAire's EEMK provides airlines with an advanced solution for more complex medical emergencies, covering various scenarios with expert-backed tools and medications. Building on the standard EMK, it offers superior resources to manage situations beyond basic first aid. Combined with MedAire's MedLink service, the EEMK delivers critical real-time advice from medical experts to support crew members.

    Enhanced Emergency Medical Kit (EEMK)

    MedAire's Enhanced Emergency Medical Kit (EEMK) delivers a cutting-edge medical solution for airlines, providing an extensive supply of tools and medications to manage more complex in-flight medical emergencies. Created from three decades of MedAire's aviation medicine expertise, the EEMK is expertly curated to address a wide range of medical events, encompassing cardiac issues and severe allergies. It extends beyond the standard Emergency Medical Kit (EMK) by including advanced medications and equipment for situations that demand more than basic first aid. Combined with MedAire's MedLink service, the EEMK becomes a more valuable asset, offering crew members real-time medical guidance from medical professionals on the ground.

    Elevate Your In-Flight Medical Preparedness

    Choosing the EEMK signifies more than selecting a medical kit; it demonstrates your commitment to MedAire's values of safety, expertise, and care in aviation. By investing in the EEMK, you invest in a dedicated partner that prioritises the well-being of your passengers and crew on every flight


    Advanced Medical Capabilities: Includes medications and tools for managing severe medical conditions. 
    Ease of Use: Designed for quick and intuitive use by crewmembers, even in high-pressure situations. 
    Quality Assurance: All components are of the highest quality and meet or exceed international aviation standards. 
    Assessment: Digital blood pressure cuff and monitor, digital thermometer, reading glasses. 
    Survival: Signal mirror and guide, blankets, flashlight. 
    Prescriptions: Medications for heart attacks, vomiting and nausea, infections, and allergic reactions. 
    Non-Prescriptions: Medications for aches and pains, dehydration, motion sickness, coughs, and diarrhoea. 
    Dental: Solutions for toothaches, lost crowns, and fillings. 
    First-Aid: Dressings, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic scrubs, bandages, splint. 

    Respiratory: Bronchial inhaler, oxygen tubing, CPR pocket mask with oxygen inlet. 


    US Dimensions: Length: 20 in, Height: 7.9, Width: 16.5 in, Weight: 13.65 lbs. 
    International Dimensions:
    Length: 510 mm, Height: 200 mm, Width: 420 mm, Weight: 6.19 kg. 


    The EEMK meets or exceeds key regulations, including FAR 121.803(c)(3) and EASA's AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.225 requirement. 

    Invest in the safety and well-being of your passengers and crew with MedAire’s Enhanced Emergency Medical Kit (EEMK)

    The MedAire Passenger Transfer Kit (PTK) is a specialised tool designed for safely and respectfully moving non-ambulatory or semi-ambulatory passengers within an aircraft. Based on MedAire's aviation medicine expertise, the PTK is a critical asset for airlines prioritising safety and comfort. It streamlines transfers, minimises injury risk for assisting staff, and alleviates passenger discomfort or embarrassment.

    Passenger Transfer Kit

    The MedAire Passenger Transfer Kit (PTK) is specifically designed to enable safe and dignified transitions for non-ambulatory or semi-ambulatory passengers within an aircraft. Drawing on MedAire's extensive aviation medicine expertise, the PTK serves as a valuable resource for airlines dedicated to passenger safety and comfort.

    Facilitating smooth transfers, whether from a personal wheelchair to an aisle chair or from an aisle chair to an aircraft seat, the PTK ensures a secure process. It effectively reduces injury risks for assisting crew and minimises potential discomfort or embarrassment for passengers.

    Enhanced Passenger Experience

    Featuring high-quality components and a user-friendly design, the PTK is a valuable addition to any airline's in-flight medical supplies. It effectively enhances overall safety and passenger experience by mitigating injury risks for both passengers and assisting personnel.


    • Safe and Dignified Transfers: Designed to facilitate the safe and respectful transfer of passengers with restricted mobility. 
    • Minimised Risk: Reduces the chances of injury to assisting personnel and passengers. 
    • Comprehensive Kit: Includes a variety of tools to accommodate different transfer scenarios. 
    • Training Recommended: MedAire recommends training for crew and airport personnel to ensure safe and dignified passenger transfers. 
    • Slide Board: A passenger can slide from one seat to another, with or without assistance. 
    • Transfer Belt: Facilitates the sliding of a passenger from one surface to another and is easily fastened around the passenger's waist. 
    • Transfer Sling: Efficiently distributes a passenger's weight when transfer assistance is required. 
    • Storage Case: Choice between a burn-certified onboard storage case or a non-certified case for storage at the gate. 


    US Dimensions: Length: 23 in, Height: 3 in, Width: 9 in, Weight: 6 lbs 
    International Dimensions
    : Length: 584 mm, Height: 76 mm, Width: 229 mm, Weight: 2.72 kg 

    Integrate this specialised solution into your in-flight medical resources, ensuring dignified and secure transfers for non-ambulatory and semi-ambulatory passengers.

    Onboard AEDs greatly enhance survival chances during cardiac arrest events by facilitating early defibrillation. Our user-friendly AED ensures swift response to life-threatening situations and supports passengers until medical help arrives post-landing. Providing this essential equipment underscores dedication to passenger safety, safeguards against legal liabilities, and bolsters a positive reputation. Above all, the invaluable life-saving potential of our in-flight AED makes it a crucial investment for any aviation operator.

    Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

    Life-Saving Innovation in the Skies

    In the fast-paced and potentially high-stress environment of aviation, having access to life-saving equipment onboard is crucial. Having an onboard AED adds an extra layer of safety to air travel, providing aircraft crew members with access to a portable, easy-to-use, and reliable defibrillator. MedAire is the leading supplier of TSO/Aviation AEDs.

    Onboard AEDs offer numerous benefits, including increased survival rates from early defibrillation during sudden cardiac arrest events. We offer AED, designed for non-medical users, provides clear instructions for safety and enables quick responses to life-threatening situations until medical help arrives after landing. In-flight availability boosts crew preparedness, demonstrates commitment to passenger safety, protects against legal liabilities, and promotes a positive public image. The most crucial benefit, however, is the AED's lifesaving potential during in-flight cardiac emergencies, making it a worthwhile investment.

    MedAire offers two ISO-certified AEDs*:

    Heartsine Samaritan AED
    Philips HeartStart


    • On-demand CPR Coaching: Calm and clear voice instructions guide users through the entire rescue process, including CPR administration and AED application. This feature helps users recall their training and act effectively even under pressure.
    • ICG-Based Feedback: This innovative technology provides real-time feedback on the rate of chest compressions being delivered during CPR, allowing users to adjust their technique for optimal effectiveness.
    • Easy-to-Follow Visual & Verbal Guides: Clear prompts ensure users understand each step of the rescue process, minimizing confusion and maximizing their ability to deliver critical care.
    • Durable and Portable: Housed in a protective case, ISO-certified AEDs are built to withstand tough environments and are lightweight making it portable.
    • Versatile: Suitable for use on adults and children (with the optional paediatric key).

    Having an onboard AED is essential equipment in the aviation industry, providing life-saving technology in an easy-to-use and accessible package for in-flight cardiac emergencies. With its expertise in aviation medicine and a proven track record of innovation, MedAire continues to lead the way in creating safer skies for both crew members and passengers.

    MedAire kits offer annual refurbishment: battery replacements, item replenishment & updates based on new therapies, regulations & medical trends in aviation.

    All of MedAire’s kits come with a convenient annual refurbishment process, including:

    • Replacing batteries
    • Replenishing used items
    • Modifications based on new therapies, new regulations, or changes in aviation medical trends.

    *MedAire can secure other brands of AEDs upon request.

    Invest in an onboard AED to ensure sudden cardiac event preparedness, confidence, and most importantly, the safety of all those onboard.

    Custom medical kit solutions for your individual needs and local regulations.

    Custom Medical Kits

    MedAire’s consultative approach to medical kits and equipment includes a review of your routes and historical data benchmarked against industry peers.

    MedAire will make a recommendation for a medical kit strategy to meet your individual needs while ensuring it meets local regulations.

    The MedAire Universal Precaution Kit (UPK) is a tailored kit for safeguarding crew and passengers from infectious exposure during in-flight medical emergencies. Combining essential PPE and cleaning supplies, the UPK enhances an airline's medical resources, enabling safe biohazard management and reduced infection risk when used alongside other MedAire kits and MedLink services.

    Universal Precaution Kits (UPK)

    MedAire's Universal Precaution Kit (UPK) is a specialised kit for shielding crew and passengers from potential infectious disease exposure during in-flight medical emergencies. Drawing on MedAire's vast aviation medicine expertise, the UPK is a crucial addition to any airline's medical resources. It supplies essential personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning materials for managing and safely containing biohazardous substances. When paired with other MedAire medical kits and the MedLink service, the UPK guarantees that airlines can address medical emergencies while minimising infection risks.

    Your Shield Against Health Risks

    The UPK is more than a precautionary measure; it acts as a robust protective barrier during in-flight medical events. With the UPK, you can ensure passengers' safety and support the crew's welfare as the primary responders to medical emergencies on board.


    Infection Control: Provides essential PPE to protect against exposure to infectious substances. 
    Comprehensive Coverage: Includes cleaning supplies for safe disposal of biohazardous materials. 
    Quality Assurance: All components meet or exceed international aviation standards for biohazard management. 
    Personal Protective Equipment: High-quality gloves, masks, and gowns to ensure the first responder's safety. 
    Cleaning Supplies: Biohazard bags, disinfectant wipes, and absorbent materials for safe disposal. 
    Specialised Tools: Tweezers and scissors for handling contaminated materials. 

    Instruction Manual: Detailed guidelines for safely managing and disposing of biohazardous materials. 


    US Dimensions: Length: 8 in, Height: 5 in, Width: 7 in, Weight: 2 lbs. 
    International Dimensions:
    Length: 203 mm, Height: 127 mm, Width: 178 mm, Weight: 0.91 kg.  


    FAA: L = 8 in • W = 7 in • H = 5 in • Weight = 2 pounds
    EASA: L = 22 cm • W = 7 cm • H = 13 cm • Weight = 0.91 kg
    CAAS: L = 35 cm • W = 35 cm • H = 5 cm • Weight = 0.27 kg. 

    Enhance your airline's safety measures with MedAire's UPK, ensuring protection for passengers and crew when responding to in-flight medical events.

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