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As first responders, your crewmembers need to provide assistance quickly and accurately.  Having a clinically and logically assembled medical kit to assist saves valuable time when treating any type of medical incident. MedAire medical kits meet - or exceed - applicable regional regulations. Every year, medical kit contents are reviewed by an expert panel of aviation medical, regulatory and operational experts to ensure the best solutions for private and corporate aircraft.  

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MedAire’s AAMK contains the supplies first responders need most. The kit contains medications and equipment to stabilise patients in critical situations. Included medications require a doctor’s oversight and MedAire’s MedLink in-flight assistance.

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Advanced Aviation Medical Kit | AAMK

AAMK: Comprehensive In-Flight First Aid Kit for Medical Emergencies 

MedAire's Advanced Aviation Medical Kit (AAMK) - the premium first aid kit and in-flight medical kit specially designed to help manage medical events at 40,000 ft elevation. Equip your crew with the necessary tools and guidance to confidently respond to medical incidents while en route to your destination. Unlike the Aircraft First Aid Kit (AFAK), the AAMK provides prescription medications and essential equipment to help stabilise various types of medical emergencies until you land. With a MedAire AAMK onboard, and 24/7 assistance from MedLink doctors your crew is armed with crucial medical advice and guidance in an emergency. Our industry-leading aviation medical equipment is regularly updated to guarantee the latest medical supplies, conformity with medical kit maintenance standards, and compliance with both FAA guidelines and international aviation requirements. MedAire's dedication to meeting regulations and our thorough understanding of the aviation sector distinguishes us from other providers. Trust MedAire for your aviation medical supply needs, and experience peace of mind knowing your passengers and crew are protected with the highest standards of comprehensive medical care. 

Invest in our AAMK today and be confidently prepared for the most common and critical medical emergencies during air travel: 

  • With more than 100 crucial medical supplies for in-flight medical emergencies, from minor wounds to allergic reactions and critical cardiac incidents. 

  • Access to prescription medications facilitated by MedAire's 24/7 MedLink doctors, ensuring vital care for more severe cases. 

  • An easy annual refurbishment process, keeping your kit consistently up-to-date with the latest medical innovations and regulatory standards. 


  • Enhanced peace of mind: Confidently knowing that your aircraft is equipped with the necessary supplies to handle medical emergencies brings reassurance for both you and your crew. 

  • Heightened safety: The AAMK enables you to deliver prompt and effective medical care to passengers and crew members, potentially saving lives in critical situations. 

  • Compliance with regulations: Meeting all relevant FAA and international aviation medical kit requirements, the AAMK ensures that your aircraft adheres to the highest standards. 


  • Prescription items to initially stabilise the most serious conditions 

  • Non-prescription items to begin treatment of common illnesses affecting the traveller 

  • Colour-coded pouches with clear windows allow contents to be located quickly 

  • Assessment: digital blood pressure cuff and monitor, digital thermometer, reading glasses 

  • Survival: signal mirror and guide, blankets, flashlight 

  • Prescriptions: heart attacks, vomiting and nausea, infections, and allergic reactions 

  • Non-prescriptions: aches and pains, dehydration, motion sickness, coughs, diarrhoea 

  • Dental: address toothaches, lost crowns, fillings 

  • First-aid: dressings, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic scrubs, bandages, splint 

  • Respiratory: bronchial inhaler, oxygen tubing, CPR pocket mask with oxygen inlet 

  • Reflective piping and MedAire logo allows for easy identification in the dark 

  • Bag constructed of flame-resistant fabric 

  • Assembled under strict ISO 9001 quality assurance standards 


Weight: 9 lbs (4.08 kg) 
Height: 7 ½ in. (19.05 cm) Length: 13 ¾ in. (34.93 cm) Width: 16 ¾ in. (42.55 cm) 


Meets or exceeds FAR 91.513, FAR 135.177, AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.220, Canada AOHS (Section 9.8) (Sch 2) (Type B) and HKCAD AN101E. 

Discover the MedAire Aircraft First Aid Kit (AFAK), tailored specifically for business jets, and expertly curated to cover in-flight medical emergencies. Set a new standard in in-flight care with our blend of high-quality medical supplies and MedAire's renowned MedLink support, empowering crew members to respond to medical events confidently and effectively for the safety and comfort of all on board.

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Aircraft First Aid Kit | AFAK


The MedAire Aircraft First Aid Kit (AFAK) is more than just a compliance tool; it’s a lifeline in the skies. Designed specifically for Business and General Aviation, this kit empowers pilots, crew, and aviation professionals to respond to in-flight medical events confidently. With a blend of essential medical supplies and MedAire’s renowned support, the AFAK ensures that care is never out of reach, even at 30,000 feet. 

Key Features & Content

  • Tailored for Aviation: Crafted with the unique needs of aviation professionals in mind, the AFAK’s compact design fits seamlessly into aircraft environments. 
  • Expertly Curated Contents: Developed by MedAire’s experienced medical team, the kit’s contents are chosen to address common in-flight medical concerns. 
  • Unmatched Support: With MedAire’s MedLink, the AFAK connects crewmembers with medical experts who know the kit inside and out, providing real-time guidance in emergencies. 
  • Assessment Tools: From digital blood pressure cuffs to thermometers, accurately assess passengers’ vital signs.
  • Survival Aids: Equipped with blankets, flashlights, and more to provide comfort and safety. 
  • Non-Prescription & Dental Care: Comprehensive care for common ailments and dental emergencies. 
  • First Aid & Respiratory Support: Everything needed to administer immediate care, from dressings to oxygen tubing.


Weight: 7 lbs (3.16 kg)

Height: 5.75 in (146 mm) Length: 10.75 in (273 mm) Width: 11.625 in (295 mm)


The AFAK meets or exceeds key regulations, including FAR 91.513, FAR 135.177, AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.220, and more, ensuring your aircraft’s regulatory readiness.

Invest in the best possible protection for your passengers and crew with the MedAire AFAK, setting a new standard in in-flight care and redefining the benchmarks for safety and preparedness in business aviation. Experience the difference of expertly curated medical supplies, seamless integration, and MedAire's dedicated, passionate support.

The Emergency Medical Kit (EMK) is an addition to your aircraft’s medical supplies, designed to provide enhanced treatment options for in-flight medical emergencies. This kit is created with the expertise of MedAire’s MedLink doctors and serves as an extension to the Aircraft First Aid Kit (AFAK). The EMK is not a stand-alone solution for regulatory compliance and requires MedAire's MedLink support and medical oversight by a doctor.

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Emergency Medical Kit | EMK

EMK: Enhancing In-Flight Care and Complementing Your Aircraft First Aid Kit

The Emergency Medical Kit (EMK) is a vital component of your aircraft's medical resources, crafted to offer advanced treatment options for in-flight medical emergencies. Designed with MedAire's MedLink doctors' expertise, the kit is created to treat various medical conditions, from heart attacks to gastrointestinal ailments. Complementing the Aircraft First Aid Kit (AFAK), the EMK enables crew members to deliver specialised treatments, guided by MedAire's MedLink in-flight assistance.

Specialised Care in Critical Moments 

The EMK is a vital resource for any aviation professional committed to the highest in-flight care and safety standards. With MedAire’s legacy of innovation and expertise, you can trust that you’re equipped with the best tools for any medical emergency. 


  • Expert-Designed: Developed by MedAire’s experienced medical team. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Addresses the most common in-flight medical emergencies. 
  • MedLink Support: Real-time medical advice from MedAire’s MedLink doctors. 
  • Prescriptions: Medications for heart attacks, vomiting and nausea, infections, and allergic reactions. 
  • Non-Prescriptions: Medications for aches and pains, dehydration, motion sickness, coughs, and diarrhoea. 
  • Survival: LED flashlight, emergency blanket, moleskin, insect repellent. 
  • First-Aid: Wound and burn dressings, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic scrubs, bandages, splint. 


Weight: 9 lbs (4.06 kg)

Height: 7.5 in (191 mm) Length: 13.75 in (349 mm) Width: 16.75 in (426 mm)


 Designed as an add-on to the Aircraft First Aid Kit (AFAK). Does not provide regulatory compliance on its own.

Heartsine Samaritan PAD AED: Empower Crew and Passengers to Save Lives

The Heartsine Samaritan PAD AED is a lightweight, easy-to-use defibrillator designed for quick use for in-flight cardiac events. With clear audio and visual guidance, it assists crew members with CPR coaching and real-time compression rate feedback during the rescue process to provide immediate care to increase the chance of survival.

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Heartsine samaritan PAD AED

Heartsine Samaritan PAD AED delivers on-demand CPR coaching for emergency response to in-flight cardiac arrest. It provides clear audio guidance for effective action to potentially save a life.

Having an onboard AED offers multiple benefits, starting with increased survival rates as early defibrillation significantly improves the chances of survival in sudden cardiac arrest events. AEDs enable a quick response to life-threatening situations, to stabilise the victim until landing when medical professionals are available. The Heartsine Samaritan PAD AED is designed for non-medical professionals, It provides user-friendly, clear instructions, ensuring correct and safe operation. In-flight availability allows for rapid emergency response while boosting confidence among crewmembers by improving their preparedness. Deploying AEDs demonstrates a commitment to passenger safety, potentially protecting against legal liabilities, and promoting a positive public image. Ultimately, the most significant benefit of having an AED is its critical role in saving lives during in-flight cardiac emergencies, making it an invaluable investment.

MedAire kits offer annual refurbishment: battery replacements, item replenishment & updates based on new therapies, regulations & medical trends in aviation.


  • On-demand CPR Coaching: Calm and clear voice instructions guide users through the entire rescue process, including CPR administration and AED application. This feature helps users recall their training and act effectively even under pressure.
  • ICG-Based Feedback: This innovative technology provides real-time feedback on the rate of chest compressions being delivered during CPR, allowing users to adjust their technique for optimal effectiveness.
  • Easy-to-Follow Visual & Verbal Guides: Clear prompts ensure users understand each step of the rescue process, minimizing confusion and maximizing their ability to deliver critical care.
  • Durable and Portable: Housed in a protective hard case, the Samaritan PAD is built to withstand tough environments and weighs only 5 lbs, making it the most portable AED available.
  • One-Change Maintenance: The all-in-one Pad-Pak cartridge combines battery and electrodes, simplifying replacement and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Versatile: Suitable for use on adults and children (with the optional paediatric key). This makes the Samaritan PAD a valuable tool for a wider range of emergencies.

All of MedAire’s kits come with a convenient annual refurbishment process, including:

  • Replacing batteries
  • Replenishing used items
  • Modifications based on new therapies, new regulations, or changes in aviation medical trends.


    Weight: 5.4 lbs (2.7 kg)
    Height: 11.5 in. (292 mm)
    Length: 11 in. (279 mm)
    Width: 5 in. (127 mm)

    Invest in the Heartsine Samaritan PAD AED and be prepared to make a difference when faced with a sudden cardia event.

    MedAire Paediatric Medical Kit (PMK): Specialised solution for passengers under 12, addressing common paediatric medical conditions. The kit is designed to enhance your required aircraft medical kit, offering a comprehensive medical solution for in-flight emergencies. The PMK contains specialized medical equipment and medications for in-flight emergencies happening to passengers under twelve.


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    Paediatric Medical Kit | PMK

    The Paediatric Medical Kit (PMK) is MedAire’s dedicated solution for addressing the unique medical needs of passengers under 12. This specialised medical equipment is meticulously designed to assess and manage common paediatric conditions such as allergies, ear infections, teething, rashes, and asthma. The PMK is a supplementary resource to the Aircraft First Aid Kit (AFAK) or Advanced Aviation Medical Kit (AAMK), providing lower-dosage prescription medications to help crew members stabilise medical emergencies for children.

    Tailored Care for the Next Generation 

    The PMK is more than just medical equipment; it’s a commitment to providing age-specific, specialised medical care in aviation. When you opt for the PMK, you acknowledge the importance of safeguarding the health and well-being of your youngest passengers. 


    • Specialised Paediatric Care: The PMK is uniquely designed to address the medical needs of children under 12 
    • Comprehensive Assessment Tools: Includes a child-sized digital blood pressure cuff and monitor and a digital thermometer for accurate diagnostics 
    • Targeted Medications: Prescription medications to address conditions like asthma, inflammation, and infections, along with non-prescription options such as antihistamines, aspirin, teething gel, and more 
    • Diagnostic Tools: Child-sized digital blood pressure cuff and monitor, digital thermometer 
    • Prescription Medications: Addresses asthma, inflammation, infections, and allergic reactions 
    • Non-Prescription Medications: Includes antihistamines, aspirin, teething gel, nasal spray, lotions, and ointments 
    • First-Aid Supplies: Comprehensive range of dressings, antibiotic ointments, antiseptic scrubs, bandages, splints, and syringes 
    • Respiratory Aids: Bronchial inhaler, oxygen tubing, child-sized CPR pocket mask, and nasal cannula 
    • Personal Protection: Items to protect yourself from infection while treating unwell passengers 


      Weight: 7 lbs (3.16 kg)
      Height: 5.75 in (146 mm) Length: 10.75 in (276 mm) Width: 11.625 in (295 mm)


      The PMK is designed to supplement medical kits already onboard your aircraft and does not provide regulatory compliance on its own.  


      Oversight from a doctor is required for the medication in this kit and cannot be purchased without MedAire’s MedLink in-flight assistance. 

      Equip your crew, protect your youngest passengers, and ensure peace of mind for all aboard.

      Tempus IC2 is the market leading vital signs monitor for non-medical experts. A medical emergency in-flight can quickly elevate to a more serious scenario than a similar emergency on the ground. Tempus technology is providing remote medical support and unrivalled telemedicine capability onboard hundreds of aircraft worldwide.

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      RDT Tempus IC2


      Should illness or injury strike employees whilst abroad, Tempus IC2 enables you to fulfil your duty of care, delivering protection that meets expectations and reflects your health and safety values. Making correctly informed decisions using the best available technology with a full audit trail of what was done reduces company risk and liability.

      Tempus technology has been used for over 20 years by non-medical experts, such as pilots, cabin crew and key staff to transmit the medical data that would routinely be collected in an ER – such as blood pressure, cardiac condition, pulse and respiration – to ground-based doctors from aircraft in flight. This enables doctors to help manage the medical incident and guide decision-making with regards to treatment and any potential diversion decision.

      Tempus IC2 maximizes MedLink’s effectiveness by providing clinical-quality vital signs with integrated real-time voice and video. It eliminates guesswork, reduces room for error and operates discretely, relieving stress in a difficult situation.

      MedAire’s Management of In-Flight Illness and Injury (MIII) teaches a basic overview of your Tempus IC2 unit. MedAire also offers a full Tempus IC2 training which can be combined with MIII or taught as a standalone course.

      This kit requires medical oversight from a doctor and cannot be purchased without MedAire’s MedLink in-flight assistance.


      Weight: 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)
      Height: 8 in. (20.3 cm)
      Length: 4 in. (10.1 cm)
      Width: 11.4 in. (28.9 cm)

      MedAire's Universal Precaution Kit (UPK) is a valuable add-on to any MedAire medical kit, ensuring crewmembers and passengers are well-equipped to handle situations involving exposure to communicable diseases. Developed using personal protection best practices and informed by over 30 years of aviation medical assistance data, the UPK meets CDC recommendations and exceeds ICAO's guidelines.


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      Universal Precaution Kit | UPK

      The Universal Precaution Kit (UPK) is MedAire’s essential safety net for aviation professionals, meticulously designed to offer comprehensive protection while treating unwell passengers. Developed following the best practices from industry and health organisations, the UPK serves as your frontline defence against health risks, backed by MedAire’s global support network and medical expertise.

      Your Shield Against Health Risks 

      The UPK goes beyond being a mere precautionary kit; it serves as your first line of defence in personal protection during medical events in flight. With the UPK, you’re safeguarding passengers and ensuring the crew’s well-being as the first responders in any medical emergency. This kit embodies MedAire’s dedication to providing comprehensive safety measures, allowing you to focus on your core aviation responsibilities while being prepared for any health-related contingencies. 


      • Comprehensive Protection: The UPK offers a full suite of protective gear, sanitisation products, and clean-up tools.
      • Regulatory Excellence: Exceeds ICAO guidelines and meets CDC recommendations, setting a new standard in aviation safety.
      • Ease of Access: Designed for quick and easy access to all the essential tools you need to protect yourself when assessing a medical event.
      • Protection: Long-sleeved gown, apron, shoe covers, face masks
      • Sanitisation: Hand sanitiser, non-permeable gloves
      • Clean-Up: Absorbent pads, liquid solidifier, scoop/scraper, odour eliminator, disinfectant wipes, Biohazard bags


      • US Dimensions: Length: 8 in, Height: 5 in, Width: 7 in, Weight: 2 lbs. 
      • International Dimensions: Length: 203 mm, Height: 127 mm, Width: 178 mm, Weight: 0.91 kg. 


      Meets the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendations for personal protection safety measures onboard an aircraft, and exceeds the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) recommendations for universal precaution equipment needed in times of increased public health risk.

      Enhance crewmember safety with MedAire's UPK, the essential add-on for patient assessment.

      MedAire VLAK ensures your aircraft meets medical kit regulations worldwide. Passengers can treat minor and serious emergencies with the kit's comprehensive contents. Key features include color-coded pouches, assessment tools, first-aid essentials, and more.

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      Very Light Aircraft Kit | VLAK

      MedAire VLAK: Essential Kit for Global Aircraft Compliance

      The Very Light Aircraft First Aid Kit (VLAK) is MedAire’s specialised solution for light and very light aircraft operators. Designed to be compact yet comprehensive, this kit ensures that you meet global aviation medical regulations while providing essential first-aid supplies. With the VLAK, you’re prepared for in-flight emergencies even in the absence of cabin attendants, empowering passengers to administer care when needed.

      Compact Care for Open Skies 

      The VLAK is not just a first aid kit; it’s an essential part of your in-flight safety measures in the unique environment of light and very light aircraft. With its customised design and straightforward components, the VLAK ensures you have the essential medical supplies you need, enhancing the well-being of passengers and crew during the flight. 


      • Tailored for Light Aircraft: Designed to fit the limited cabin space of light and very light aircraft. 
      • User-Friendly: Equipped with straightforward supplies and instructions, passengers can manage first aid when necessary. 
      • Versatile Usability: Ideal for aircraft operating in diverse civil airfields, ensuring preparedness for various scenarios. 
      • Enhanced Visibility: Reflective piping and MedAire logo ensure the kit is easily identifiable even in low-light conditions.
      • Durability and Quality: Constructed with flame-resistant fabric and assembled under strict ISO 9001 quality assurance standards for long-lasting reliability.
      • Annual Refurbishment: MedAire offers a convenient annual service that includes updating expired products, replenishing used items, and modifying the kit based on new therapies, regulations, and medical trends, ensuring your VLAK stays compliant and up-to-date.


      • Global Compliance: meets and exceeds global aviation medical regulations, including FAR 91.513, FAR 135.177, AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.220, Canada AOHS (Section 9.8) (Sch 2) (Type B), and HKCAD AN101E.
      • Comprehensive Content: Addresses a wide variety of medical situations, including allergic reactions, chest pain, nausea, motion sickness, and more.
      • Organized and Easy to Access: Features color-coded pouches with clear windows for quick identification and retrieval of essential items.
      • Assessment: Digital blood pressure cuff and monitor, digital thermometer, reading glasses
      • Survival: Signal mirror and guide, blankets, flashlight
      • Non-prescription Medications: Medications for aches and pains, dehydration, motion sickness, coughs, and diarrhoea
      • Dental Care Supplies: Items to address toothaches, lost crowns, and fillings
      • First-Aid: Dressings, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic scrubs, bandages, splint
      • Respiratory Support: Oxygen tubing and CPR pocket mask with oxygen inlet

      The VLAK meets or exceeds FAR Parts 91, 121, 135, AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.220, Canada AOHS (Section 9.8) (Sch 2) (Type B) and HKCAD AN101E requirements.


      Weight: 3 pounds (1.36 kg)
      Height: 3 inches (7.62 cm) Length 11.5 inches (29.21 cm) Width: 8 inches (20.32 cm)


      The VLAK meets or exceeds FAR Parts 91, 121, 135, AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.220, Canada AOHS (Section 9.8) (Sch 2) (Type B) and HKCAD AN101E requirements.


      Equip your aircraft today with first-aid essentials and survival tools.


      Improve your in-flight medical emergency response with MedAire's cutting-edge Digital Assessment Kit (DAK). This innovative kit enhances assessment and assistance during an in-flight emergency. It features essential diagnostic tools for crewmembers to tackle medical emergencies efficiently and effectively.

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      Digital Assessment Kit | DAK

      MedAire’s MedLink doctors have learned from hundreds of thousands of cases that better assessment leads to better assistance.

      Discover MedAire's Digital Assessment Kit (DAK), an essential solution for effectively handling in-flight medical emergencies. Designed to provide accurate and reliable diagnostic results, the DAK equips crewmembers with the vital tools needed to assess and mitigate various medical situations.

      The DAK includes a digital blood pressure monitor, compact digital glucometer, pulse oximeter, and contactless thermometer, ensuring rapid and accurate assessment. This enables MedLink doctors to deliver the best possible care to unwell passengers. The most significant differentiator is the easy to use 12-Lead ECG recorder. Most devices of this size offer1-Lead ECG which cannot supply enough information for a doctor to accurately assess the condition of the heart.

      Equip your crew with cutting-edge tools and enhance the safety of your passengers!

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