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  • 24/7 ACCESS TO MEDICAL & AVIATION SECURITY SPECIALISTS for actionable advice and assistance when planning missions.
  • FIT-TO-FLY ASSISTANCE  NEW Advice on whether a crewmember or passenger is well enough to travel safely.
  • PRE-TRIP TRAVEL INFORMATION Online portal with destination-specific travel safety information with the ability to generate a report that can be emailed.
  • MEDICAL & TRAVEL SAFETY ALERTS Receive alerts with actionable advice directly to your inbox for the locations that you matter most to you and your operations.
  • SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT  NEW Exploratory two-hour virtual consultation followed by a written assessment report delivered by MedAire’s Aviation Security Consultants to identify potential organizational security gaps and operational risk.
  • DIGITAL LEARNING PORTFOLIO  NEW Unlimited access to a growing library of online medical & travel safety courses including topics like First-Aid Refreshers, Women’s Safety, Security in Latin America, Pandemics & COVID-19.
  • AVIATION APP  NEW puts the online portal information in the palm of your hand, includes medical and security overviews for your destinations, access to ATSB and Airspace Assessment Libraries, and alerts via push notification.
  • AVIATION SECURITY INTELLIGENCE Aviation Alerts, Aviation Travel Security Briefs (ATSB), Airspace Assessments, and Go/ No Go Assessments provide proactive advice and information.
  • MANAGEMENT OF IN-FLIGHT ILLNESS & INJURY  NEW Aviation-specific first responder training available on-site / on your aircraft, at select Flight Safety International locations, and now virtually via Zoom classroom.
  • MEDICAL ESCORT ARRANGEMENT Coordination of a nurse or doctor to travel with unwell passengers if needed.
  • HOTEL SECURITY ADVISOR  NEW Online self-service information resource that provides the latest hotel security status information to support the appropriate sourcing of accommodation and related preparation for your crew and travellers.
  • 24/7/365 MEDLINK IN-FLIGHT ASSISTANCE Access to practising emergency room doctors for in-flight medical care.
  • IN-FLIGHT PATIENT ASSESSMENT  NEW Scenario-based tool within the app helps expedite patient care; assists with patient assessment; streamlines communication and includes the capability to transmit vital sign data to MedLink. Scenario’s include one for Infectious Diseases that will notify you if health authorities need to be contacted to help address COVID-19. Medical Kit feature lets MedLink doctors know exactly what items you have onboard your aircraft.
  • LOGISTICS & DIVERSION MANAGEMENT when medically necessary; recommendations for most appropriate location and coordination of local EMS.
  • LIFESAVING DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT  NEW Provides MedLink real-time data about in-flight medical emergencies, including life-saving 12-Lead ECG readings. In conjunction with the Aviation App’s In-Flight Assessment Tool, the first responder gathers a patient’s vitals using Bluetooth enabled medical-grade devices in the kit. Once they have completed the assessment, the App will sends the information to MedLink using the onboard Wi-Fi.
  • AVIATION MEDICAL KITS  NEW exceed regulations; designed to triage and begin treatment of common ailments and injuries. New integration with the Aviation App allows you to receive refurbishment reminders and prompts in the In-flight Patient Assessment.
  • 24/7 WORLDWIDE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE Medical advice, triage, and arrangements for crew, passengers and guests. Providers include house-call doctors, video TeleConsultation, and appointments at hospitals and clinics. MedAire will provide continual case monitoring until the patient is home or no further care is needed.
  • MENTAL HEALTH & EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ASSISTANCE  NEW Access to immediate mental health assistance while away from home for crew members or travellers in response to a crisis or traumatic event.
  • VIDEO TELECONSULTATIONS WITH PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY  NEW Qualifying medical conditions can now be treated via our in-app video teleconsultation in over 30 countries. Includes two-hour prescription delivery where available.
  • 24/7 WORLDWIDE SECURITY ASSISTANCE Access to security specialists for advice and intelligence. Assistance with arranging Aircraft Guards, Secure Transportation and Executive Protection if needed.
  • GUARANTEED PAYMENT FOR SERVICES in local currency to ensure you receive the care required without delay.
  • TRAVEL ASSISTANCE Help with lost or stolen travel documents and translation services.
  • CRISIS & EVACUATION SUPPORT Real-time advice and assistance during crisis situations, including natural disasters.

MedAire’s Aviation App goes beyond making you trip ready. Our next generation app assists in travel planning, walks first-responders through an in-flight medical events, integrates with your onboard medical kits, connects you with MedLink, and allows you to be treated by a doctor without leaving your hotel room.


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