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How MedAire and Risk Intelligence are enhancing superyacht crew safety

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A comprehensive approach to superyacht crew health, safety and wellbeing

The security element of the MedAire membership allows us to deliver a truly comprehensive crew safety and wellbeing solution.

Our security service has three key elements:

  1. Travel and security intelligence and assistance: Our internal MedAire and International SOS teams deliver validated information and provide in-the-moment support for general security issues.
  2. Maritime Intelligence: Our Maritime Risk Map hosts integrated security information from our partners Risk Intelligence, helping you to better understand port, sea and voyage threats.
  3. Maritime Security Consulting & Advisory Services: Access to bespoke threat and risk assessments, for example for high-risk transits, delivered by Risk Intelligence*.
*additional fees apply, based on the services requested

This piece provides tangible examples of how MedAire can support the safety of your teams from preparation right through to assistance.


Helicopter Evacuation

Gain clear visibility of port and sea threats

Pre-trip you can easily view any sea area threats on our Maritime Risk Map, for example the map currently plots the location of vessel attacks within the Red Sea.

It also provides more general information on risks, like the threat of human trafficking in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Required as part of any flag-state compliance, the port view is another useful tool that provides a comprehensive overview of key yachting ports, including:

  • ISPS Level
  • Port Risk Assessment: Unique threat ratings devised by Risk Intelligence
  • Terrorism, piracy, local crime, insurgency and military operations, smuggling, human trafficking and fraud.

This information can be easily exported to compile as part of your pre-departure planning. Even if you regularly visit a port, this is an easy way to ensure you have accurate up-to-date information.


Some transits may require more detailed voyage reports

Through our partnership with Risk Intelligence, the MedAire membership facilitates access to specialists and consultants who can provide tailored risk assessments, specific to your operations, whether in a particular area, port, or a route.

These assessments provide a robust foundation for informed decision-making, enabling optimisation of security strategies, reducing security costs and losses, and ensuring compliance:

  • Voyage Risk Assessment (VRA): A detailed report that examines your journey, identifies potential risks, and provides a risk profile to help you take necessary precautions and avoid dangerous locations.
  • Threat and Environment Assessment (TEA): A deep dive into threats present in an area which can be used when considering voyages with multiple stops - perhaps for vessels planning to go to a new area such as the eastern Mediterranean or east Africa.
  • Security Risk Assessment (SRA): A combination of the two previously mentioned reports which may be required for adventure yacht voyages - for example a long cruise plan within the south pacific or south east asia.


Additionally, Risk Intelligence provides comprehensive advisory services to implement the full ISPS requirements into any organisation or vessel and carries out the necessary training of Company Security Officers (CSOs) or other personnel to fully integrate ISPS measures into daily operations. Services include Ship Security Assessment (SSA) and Ship Security Plans (SSP).

Consider whether Executive Protection is required

These Risk Assessments may reveal the need for additional security and if the principal(s) and/or crew require security escorts or executive protection details, MedAire, location dependent, may be able to make referrals or help facilitate these services.


Enhance situational awareness through training

Our on-demand tools are designed to increase the situational awareness of crewmembers; however you may want to consider additional trainings, which can ultimately mitigate the risks of crewmembers being a target for opportunistic crime:

  • Security Awareness Training: Covering both practical aspects for all and ISPS responsibilities for designated crew members.
  • Vessel preparation and potential hardening measures for repositioning transits.


View Country and City information about your destinations

MedAire’s NEW Maritime Risk Map and security information about every country and 400+ cities.

The information is compiled by internal MedAire and International SOS teams of medical and security specialists and managers, analysing:

  • Overall country medical and security risk levels
  • In-country Emergency numbers
  • Entry/exit requirements
  • Medical Risk: vaccinations required, blood supply safety, dental care

TOP TIP: Export this information as a pdf, print and display in the crew mess, so crewmembers can better understand local threats and customs.

If a situations occurs, contact MedAire 24/7 for security assistance

When a real-time security incident happens or you need further advice and information, specific to your vessel, you can contact MedAire about your security concern.

A few examples of cases with a security aspect include:

  • A deckhand becomes involved in an incident leading to him becoming detained: Another crewmember contacts MedAire who provide advice and recommendations about how to manage the situation.
  • Medical and security assistance: There has been an onboard medical emergency, you have been communicating with MedAire over the phone and we recommend docking at the closest port for shoreside evaluation. The area is in an area of Marseille with a heightened security risk. At the request of the captain MedAire arranges for safe ground transportation to a vetted hospital.
  • Terrorist attacks render a location in which the vessel and crew are located unsafe: MedAire provide advice and help facilitate local security resources for crew safety and security while awaiting departure from the area.
  • Vessel and crew are in a location where political unrest has closed airports: Crew requests assistance to safely depart the location. MedAire helps arrange evacuations to a safer location, either within location while the situation subsides or make arrangements to depart the country, if feasible, should the situation escalate.

TOP TIP: Ensure all crewmembers have MedAire’s digital membership card in their phone’s wallet so they can easily contact MedAire when off-the-boat.

Set up-to-date with any changes happening around you

MedAire clients are able to set up email alerts, which can be filtered based on country or even health risks to ensure that you are well-informed about current issues.

As an example - local protests are happening in Nice, which will affect a guest’s journey to the vessel. An email alert is pushed through, which allows you to plan accordingly.

Find out more

Through our combined approach, MedAire and Risk Intelligence offer a comprehensive set of solutions to support crew and guest health, safety and wellbeing. To find out how we can assist your vessel, contact us here.