For more than 35 years, MedAire has delivered the best possible remote medical, security and operational support to clients in the air, on land and at sea. 

OUR MISSION: To be essential to our members by providing expert medical, security and operational support to keep travellers and assets safe. 

Passion. We work with passion, entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork to serve our members. 
Expertise. We are committed to applying our professional expertise to deliver great quality services. 
Respect. We treat all stakeholders with respect and integrity in order to earn their trust. 
Care. We care about the interests of our clients, members and employees and aim to make a real difference to their lives.


The Phone Call

Joan Sullivan Garrett was a flight nurse on a helicopter crew in Arizona when she received a call for emergency assistance. A child was involved in a rollover accident in the San Tan Mountains in Arizona. The child did not survive the accident, and the events of that day inspired Joan to ensure that basic emergency medical treatment would be available to everyone, no matter where they were. 

In the more than thirty years since that day, the company Joan founded has become the most respected and experienced provider of remote medical and travel security services for the world's most unique environments - in the sky and at sea. 
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A Legacy of Firsts

The solutions that Joan Sullivan Garrett created for the aviation and yachting industries were game-changing.

From the design and development of medical kits built for use by the non-medical responder, to the innovation of developing the world's first global response centre for aviation - MedAire touches the lives of millions of people. 

The insight provided by MedAire from assisting in hundreds of thousands of in-flight medical events was instrumental in the decision by the United States Congress to require AEDs (automated external defibrillators) on all commercial airlines.

Every day, MedAire is there, behind the scenes, to ensure people receive expert care, everywhere.