MedAire Medical and Travel Safety Membership is critical to providing crew and guests the best care possible.  MedAire Membership gives you a direct line to doctors, nurses, security experts, multilingual coordinators, and logistics personnel, 24/7/365. 

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When your vessel subscribes to MedAire Membership, you can be assured that all guests, crew, and owners will receive the best available care, 24/7/365.

Yacht Medical and Travel Safety Membership

When your vessel subscribes to MedAire Membership, you can be assured that all guests, crew, and principals will receive the best available care, 24/7/365.

The best available care means a support network at the ready to support your crew and guests when medical and travel safety incidents occur – all as close as a phone or video call.

Our medical team is available 24/7 to answer personal medical questions; refer you for a video TeleConsultation with a doctor, provide first responder emergency advice; and review preparations for guests with special medical needs. In addition, our logistics team can assist with issues that may arise while ashore.

We have a global network of providers that are available should you need a legal referral, an emergency translator, or even extending a visa.

MedAire Membership provides 24/7/365 advice and assistance services. Learn more about the programme, membership model, and your assistance team below. 

Enhanced Health Partner is our highest level of support for yachts, allowing onboard medical professionals to manage the provision of health and safety onboard more safely and efficiently.

Enhanced Health Partner

Enhanced Health Partner is an add-on to our comprehensive membership.

It is aimed at alleviating much of the administrative work, faced by yachts who have: a nurse or medical professional onboard, non-standard equipment or a medical room.

It comprises of three key elements: 

      1. Direct access to our dedicated Health Partner team for peer-to-peer support 
      2. Supporting equipment calibration and/or maintenance.
      3. Voyage planning support  

The programme assists clients in a wide-variety of ways, from tailoring bespoke training plans for the crew, to advice on how to handle tricky questions around patient confidentiality, voyage planning support, developing evacuation plans and much more - we work as an extension of your team to provide clinical oversight within your operations.


24/7/365 Emotional Support for yacht crewmembers and their families.

Emotional Support

Designed specifically for the unique needs of those who live and work on yachts, MedAire Emotional Support Services assist Captains and their crewmembers dealing with psychological and emotional issues for which short-term counseling is appropriate. The 24/7/365 support is available to assist with common issues that affect crewmembers and their families, including: 

Isolation and loneliness
Marital and family conflict
Stress of life at sea
Substance abuse or mis-use            
Health issues
Work stress
Financial issues
Bullying/ discrimination                      
Body image issues

The MedAire Sea to Shore app includes medical, security, and travel information for yacht crew and captains. Also includes Medical Inventory Management module. 

MedAire Sea to Shore

The MedAire Sea to Shore app includes medical, security, and travel information on hundreds of popular and off-the-beaten path yacht destinations, as well as a calendar of holidays and events that could affect shoreside excursions. Captains and crew can see at a glance the medical and travel risk ratings for each destination on their custom dashboard.
The MedAire Sea to Shore app for iPad requires iOS 7.0 or later. Download MedAire Sea to Shore for iPad here.

Go further and travel longer with medical personnel on your vessel. 

Medical Personnel Placement

Go further and travel longer with MedAire. MedAire’s Medical Personnel Placement programme is a flexible solution to ensure qualified medical personnel are available for remote excursions or a guest’s medical needs. MedAire has been providing remote medical assistance for over 30 years, and works closely with yachting clients to provide best-in-class safety solutions including MedAire’s MedLink remote assistance, medical kits, crew training and medical room consultancy.

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