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As an integral part of an aircraft’s safety management system, MedAire provides the medical and security standard for passenger and crew care.

MedAire is well-versed in emergency response planning as related to Air Charter Safety guidelines, and is viewed as a partner, team member, and resource by clients when implementing medical, travel and security solutions into an overall safety strategy.

MedAire has built the world’s largest and most robust solution for the needs of charter and aircraft management companies, leveraging destination analysis, training, expertise, medical equipment, and a network of medical and security providers around the globe.

Pre-travel solutions include analysis of incidents that may impact local security or the continuity of travel, and timely and actionable advice should developments arise that may disrupt travel or pose a threat to the safety and security of members.

MedAire trains crewmembers on Management of In-Flight Illness & Injury (MIII).  The course teaches crewmembers valuable life-saving techniques and to recognize and stabilize medical incidents in the air and on the ground.

Crewmembers also receive access to MedAire’s world-famous MedLink Global Response Center, the first aviation-focused medical response center to assist during in-flight medical events.

Should a medical incident occur, a MedLink doctor will assist with patient oversight, including administration of medication from onboard medical kits, and discerning if a patient’s status requires medical diversion.

A variety of medical kits and medical equipment, including AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are available.  MedAire will assist corporations with ensuring aircraft are outfitted with adequate medical supplies based on the needs of your passengers and your itineraries.

Relied on by 75% of the Fortune 100 and charter and management companies around the world, MedAire is also the medical solution chosen as standard by the leading aircraft manufacturers, including Gulfstream, Boeing Business Jets, Hawker Beechcraft, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, and Embraer.

MedAire is proud to be a part of the Air Charter Safety Foundation.

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