Medical Advisory Services: MedLink

From Dubai to Dallas, Johannesburg to Juneau...
wherever you fly, MedAire is there.

Since 1985, MedAire has assisted airlines with managing in-flight medical events – and their prevention.

At the Airport: Passenger Fit-to-Fly Assessments

Airline personnel are encouraged to call MedAire for an assessment of a passenger’s medical fitness to fly. Adequately assessing a potentially infirmed passenger may prevent an in-flight medical event and a resulting diversion, reducing the risks associated with an unplanned landing.

The assessment is quick and easy, and starts with a phone call. Trained on delivering quality, sensitive customer care, and aware of airline regulations, our dedicated nurses may ask the questions crew members may not feel comfortable or permitted to ask a passenger.

Recommendations on whether a passenger is fit for travel are based on MedAire’s Medical Guidelines for Air Travel in conjunction with an airline’s protocols. This method provides a consistent experience for all passengers, no matter where the flight is originating or which gate agents are on duty.

To assist with identifying passengers that may be medically unfit to travel, MedAire provides tools and training for airport personnel.

In the Air: Medical Advice & Assistance

When a medical situation arises during a flight, crewmembers have ready access to an emergency department doctor for advice and assistance.

MedAire doctors are there to help crewmembers prevent medical situations from escalating – or cope with them as they occur.

The physicians in MedAire’s MedLink Global Response Center are extensively trained in airline protocols, procedures, and the medical equipment available on board.

MedAire manages thousands of in-flight medical emergencies every year and can facilitate communications in more than 140 languages. MedAire’s physicians manage every case to clinical standards, including full reporting.

During a medical event, timing and knowledge are crucial. Medical volunteers can assist the MedAire physician with gathering vital signs and administering any medications or treatment recommendations.

Volunteers can rely on the immediate knowledge MedAire physicians have on the medical equipment available on the aircraft, medications available, and their location within the medical kit. If no medical volunteer is present, MedAire can confidently provide instruction to crewmembers.

Operating in a Level 1 Trauma Center, the staff physicians demonstrate a passion for emergency medicine and assisting people in remote environments.

At Destination – and Everywhere in Between

A decision to divert is not easy. Pilots must consider passenger safety above all else. MedAire physicians will provide their expert medical recommendations for the pilot’s consideration.

Should the pilot decide to divert, MedAire is an indispensable resource in assisting the pilot and operations center to determine the most medically appropriate diversion location based on the passenger’s medical needs.

MedAire’s assistance network specialists continuously research and update the emergency medical response capabilities at the more than 5000 airports served by our clients.

The MedAire team will also coordinate and manage emergency medical response in accordance with airport and carrier protocols.

Built to support the way you do business, MedAire’s MedLink may be contacted through aircraft satellite phone link, an HF/ VHF radio phone patch or the ACARS system. MedAire is also equipped to receive data from remote medical diagnostic equipment.

Your trusted medical advisory service at the gate, in the air, at destination and everywhere in between.