Associations & Alliances

MedAire actively participates and supports initiatives led by the following safety organizations. 



Aerospace Affiliations


  • European Civil Aviation Authority 



Maritime Affiliations




Health Care Alliances



Health Care Partners

MedAire Network 

MedAire clients are supported around the world through MedAire Global Response Centers and the International SOS network of providers.

Banner Health 

MedAire's MedLink Global Response Center is housed within the emergency unit of Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix.  The hospital is a Level One Trauma Center with access to specialists in nearly every field of medicine who are readily available to support MedLink's emergency physicians.

RDT, Ltd.

Whether in-flight, at sea or in a remote location, RDT’s innovative products ensure access to the best medical attention for diagnosis and treatment support.  RDT’s latest product, Tempus IC, is a small, light, easy to use vital signs monitor that records and transmits vital signs data with voice and video to MedAire’s MedLink Global Response Center for remote treatment support.

RDT’s robust communications technology enables the simultaneous transmission of medical data, voice and video from remote, in-transit and otherwise isolated locations to land-based medical experts.  After 10 years, RDT has established a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service whilst continuing to push boundaries with its state of the art engineering and design capabilities. The company’s impressive customer base includes leading airlines, Fortune 500 companies, commercial shipping, yacht owners and the U.S military. For more information, visit




Communication Partners 




Stockholm Radio (STO Radio) is a call sign used by Aviolinx Communication & Services for its HF radio services.

STO Radio is one of the very few Air Operational Controls - AOC or Long Distance Operational Controls - LDOC in Europe, serving the aviation community world-wide with flight operational phone patches, message delivery, meteorological info etc.

Aviolinx C&S has a sister company that develops soft ware solutions for the airline community, such as the RAIDO – the all new resource management system, 3A – spare capacity sales tool and other products.