Australian Sailing

Australia's only integrated medical solution designed
for the unique sailing environment

Onboard Emergency Situation
Everyone under your protection deserves the best care you can offer, which is why MedAire's fully integrated maritime solutions help you to ensure the health and safety of those onboard.

Whether sailing along the coast, cruising offshore or competing in a race, MedAire offers medical solutions including our best in class 24/7 medical assistance, medical kits and equipment, and training for crewmembers to ensure that you and your crew are prepared in the event of a routine or emergency medical event - whatever may happen, wherever you are.


Sailing Medical Solutions

MedAire offers Coastal, Offshore and Racing medical risk solutions that include a medical kit designed for your vessel complemented by MedAire's MedLink, a 24/7/365 medical advice and assistance helpline backed by the yachting industry's largest network of medical and safety professionals around the world, so that you and your crew are prepared for whatever may happen, wherever you are. Learn more about MedAire's sailing medical solutions here.

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Medical Kits

Medical Extras

The standard in onboard care, MedAire's maritime medical kits include equipment and medications to help you respond to the most frequent medical concerns as well as life threatening incidents, whether an incident happens on shore or at sea. The kits are developed based on MCA, AMSA and Australian Sailing relevant regulations and 30 years of experience in treating the most commonly occurring health issues and the most life threatening.

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Crew Training


MedAire training ensures you and your crew are prepared in the event of a medical event at sea, whether routine or emergency. Professional two day courses are designed under the Maritime Coastguard Agency UK and International Maritime Organisations STCW2010 standards. Our certificates are issued under authority of the MCA UK as an internationally recognised qualification with an expiry date of 5 years.

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