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Emerging Threats to Civil Aviation

Best practices to reduce risks to your people, your aircraft and your operations

Aviation security threats and risks evolve rapidly and manifest themselves in different forms. Recently, there has been a significant shift in the types of risk impacting the civil aviation industry across the globe. 

While some of these risks remain localized, the aviation community as a whole will continue to be susceptible to intentional and unintentional acts and their consequences. 

John Cauthen, MedAire Security Director and Member of the NBAA Security Council, cites the following as rising risks to aviation operators:

1. Flights operating in and around airspace considered problematic by some States. 
2. Civil unrest impacting aircrew and travellers away from their home base, local employees based at the company’s international offices, and impacts to flights and airport operations.
3. Terrorism, non-State actors’ activities and lone-wolf incidents compromising law and order in various cities and regions. 
4. ‘Insider Threat’, also known as ‘Known Insiders’, presenting potential internal risks to aviation. 
5. Human trafficking, inadequately documented travellers, narcotics smuggling, endangered species, and contraband are other causes for concern.

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