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Superyacht medical monitoring: Everything you need to know


In a medical situation, the quality of advice given is only as good as the information provided. For that reason, advanced medical monitoring tools like Corpuls3, Tempus Pro and MedAire’s DAK, are highly valuable for superyachts.

These tools allow you to send live, accurate vital signs readings directly to MedAire, such as: temperature, blood pressure, blood Oxygen levels and the heart's rhythm and electrical activity (ECG), for diagnosis and assistance.

This is of course invaluable when medical support is not immediately available.


Aside from providing peace-of-mind to guests and responders alike, these devices can be used in a number of helpful ways, including:

  • Emergency Response: MedLink doctors can assess the patient's condition in real-time and provide immediate guidance, as well as advice about whether further shoreside medical attention or evacuation is required.
  • General health checks: Enabling the health of crew members and guests to be easily monitored, helping to identify potential health issues early on, and allowing for preventive measures or timely medical intervention to take place.
  • Documentation and Data Analysis: Medical monitoring tools often come with data storage and analysis capabilities, allowing you to easily maintain comprehensive medical notes.
    • Did you know? We can send vital signs readings captured onboard (using a medical monitoring tool) to the patient’s doctor at their home location


WHO? Elderly friend of the owner collapsed

LOCATION: At Sea midway between Tarragona and Palma

WHAT HAPPENED? The trip was proceeding uneventfully until three hours into the journey, a female guest in her 70s stood up abruptly and promptly collapsed on the floor. The guest’s companions rushed to her aid, picked her up and deposited her back onto the seat semi-upright; but she did not quickly regain full consciousness. The crew were alerted.

WHAT WERE MEDAIRE’S INITIAL RECOMMENDATIONS? The crew made contact with MedAire who advised repositioning the patient to a lying down position with elevated legs, to ensure circulation could improve in the brain. High flow oxygen was administered.

HOW WAS THE MEDICAL MONITORING TOOL USED? The Medical Monitoring device was administered and MedAire noted a drop in systolic blood pressure of close to 30mmHg (compared to the average for the patient's age and gender) and an increased heart rate (compensatory tachycardia) of 35 beats a minute above normal resting. This quickly resolved with the patient in the head-down feet-up position and within 7 minutes heart rate and systolic pressure had returned to baseline normal.

CASE CONCLUSION: Oxygen flow was reduced to 2L/minute, and over the next 20 minutes the patient was eased back into a more comfortable position. Within 30 minutes she found herself "back to normal" but continued to be monitored by both the crew and the unit for another 45 minutes. Finally she recovered and the journey continued without further incident.


Helicopter Evacuation

Considering the importance of vital signs monitoring and following MedAire Aviation’s successful launch – we’re excited to announce that MedAire’s Digital Assessment Kit (DAK) is now available for our maritime clients.

The DAK is a cost-effective, medical monitoring solution that streamlines the process of gathering patient information and accurate vital signs data, to help MedAire provide more effective remote recommendations for medical treatment and care.

We suggest that every vessel carry quality diagnostic equipment, such as the DAK (as a minimum), however there are two other advanced diagnostic solutions that MedAire supply to yachts. As with any medical equipment purchase, we always recommend setting up a call with our team to discuss your needs, however this table provides an easy comparison of what the core models offer.



To speak to a member of our team about the DAK or other medical monitoring tools, contact us here.



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