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Travel Health & Safety Blog

Hurricane Irma

MedAire and International SOS continue to closely monitor Hurricane Irma.


  • Defer all inbound travel to countries in Irma's trajectory, including the Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti and coastal areas of southern Florida.

  • Consult the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) website for up-to-date information on the storm's trajectory and associated weather warnings.

  • Continue to monitor Alerts from MedAire and MedAire Trip Ready.

Members In-Country:

  • All members in the Bahamas should evacuate. 

  • Non-essential staff in Cuba should evacuate. 

  • Members in northern areas of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as coastal areas of south Florida, should relocate immediately.

  • Travellers in Turks and Caicos should prepare to stand fast from 7 September for up to 72 hours in a secure, elevated location that can withstand strong winds. Stand-fast options should include appropriate accommodation selection and robust communication methods.

  • Minimise non-essential movement in affected areas. If movement is essential, ensure routes are clear before departure and allow additional time to reach your destination. Do not attempt to cross flooded roads. If you come upon a flooded road, turn around and seek another route to your destination. If caught on a flooded road where the water is rising rapidly, get out of your vehicle and climb to higher ground. Avoid floodwaters, which may be electrically charged due to underground or fallen power lines.

  • MedAire does not hold information on specific flights. Reconfirm schedules with the relevant carrier. Your travel agent will be able to assist with alternative arrangements in the event of cancellations.

If you have urgent advice needs or questions, please contact MedAire’s Global Response Centre.

For the latest information and advice, members are advised to register for email alerts and review the travel security updates on MedAire’s Trip Ready app and the MedAire Member Portal.