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New Itinerary? What you Need to Know

The hurricanes of the past few months have many vessels exploring new routes this season. We are finding an increase in planned travel to Central and South America, as well as more remote/ adventurous itineraries. 

Below are five questions to ask when reviewing your preparedness plans. And, to ensure your crew and vessel are prepared, capable and confident for whatever this season holds, consider booking your medical and first responder training with MedAire.

If you are unsure about any of the answers to these questions, please contact MedAire. We will be happy to discuss solutions to help ensure your guests and crew receive expert care, everywhere.

1. Do you know what vaccinations are recommended for your itinerary? 
2. Have you reviewed whether suitable medical facilities are available at your destinations? 
3. Can you easily provide safety information to crew and guests for all ports of call? 
4. Have you reviewed and resupplied your medical equipment based on itinerary, activities and guest profiles? 
5. Is your crew prepared to assist in medical emergencies?

MedAire offers STCW’10, first aid, and paediatric training courses.
This is an excellent time to ensure your crew know where the medical equipment is located on the vessel, check that it is in working order, and practice how to use it. 
In addition, training is an opportunity to upskill your crew and engage in team building. Schedule your training today.




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