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Turkey Risk Rating

The country risk rating for Turkey is now MEDIUM. The change reflects the widening threat of terrorist and militant attacks, and the likely continuation of political challenges. Istanbul (Istanbul province) and the capital Ankara have been rated as MEDIUM since January 2016. 

Travel to MEDIUM risk areas can continue, but requires security precautions.
Precautions should include minimising time spent in the vicinity of potential militant targets, avoiding all public gatherings and demonstrations, and ensuring that adequate security measures are in place for hotel accommodation and journey management.
Normal flight operations to most locations in Turkey can continue with standard security precautions. 

Flights to and over the country should be planned carefully, with contingency plans in place to cater for impromptu disruption to flight operations. Members are advised to contact the MedAire Security team for additional information if they are planning a trip to Turkey.

The risk rating is assigned by MedAire’s parent company, International SOS, and Control Risks. The rating for Turkey has changed from LOW to MEDIUM.

For the latest information and advice, members are advised to register for email alerts and review the travel security updates on MedAire’s Trip Ready app and the MedAire Member Portal.