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Travel Health & Safety Blog

Road Safety

Road accidents are a leading cause of injury and death for employees travelling and working abroad. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are the number one non-natural cause of fatalities of US citizens living, working, or travelling abroad.
Despite the very real risk of road accidents, only 23% of travellers consider road conditions at destination prior to travelling to another country.1       
Download the free pocket guide, Road Safety Tips for Travellers, and take it with you next time you go abroad. The guide provides reminders and best practices for road safety, particularly for people in unfamiliar locations.  
And remember, road safety isn't just about being a safer driver. Sometimes the safest option is not to drive at all. If you don’t know the rules of the road, highway conditions, or local language, you may be better off arranging transportation with a trusted and vetted provider.
An interactive map featuring road safety risk ratings by country is available here.
Countries are rated on a spectrum from Very Low to Very High road risk. Very Low Risk countries have respected road safety cultures, with enforced laws around seat-belt use, helmet-use, drink driving and speeding. Countries where road safety is a major public health issue are rated as Very High Risk. 

Download a free copy of Road Safety Tips for Travellers here. 
View the interactive Road Safety Risk Map here.


1. International Travel: Risks and Reality is an Ipsos Global advisor research study conducted among 10,726 people in 13 countries, including 2,391 senior executives.

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