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Environmental Protests Against Aircraft

MedAire's Rapid Security Advisory Response

As the awareness of global issues rises, so does the frequency of protests in industries with environmental impacts. One such industry is aviation, which faces growing scrutiny and opposition from activists concerned about its carbon footprint and other ecological consequences. These protests can disrupt operations, damage assets, create financial losses, and pose safety risks for passengers, crew, and aviation personnel. To get their message across, activists might attempt to breach security perimeters, stage sit-ins on runways, disrupt facilities, spray paint, or damage aircraft, leading to potential chaos and compromise of aviation security and safety protocols.

MedAire is known for its comprehensive and rapid response through its Security Advisory Services. As flight departments and aviation operators are concerned about potential risks from protests, MedAire can assist with a comprehensive security plan, including executives and aircraft protection, airport perimeter, and facility assessments to ensure enhanced security measures around the airport and planes. This quick and efficient response exemplifies MedAire's commitment to safeguarding clients, their reputation and assets and mitigating risks in high-stress situations.

Crisis Management and Response Planning

An aircraft owner accepted an invitation to a high-profile industry event in a European city. The day before the travel day for the event, the executive leadership team noticed negative PR and several social media posts linking the air carriers' executive team to the event. Due to concerns that their presence could attract negative sentiment amongst protesters, they contacted MedAire for security assessment, advice, risk mitigation plan and support.

Upon receiving the request for assistance, MedAire immediately activated its Security Advisory team across the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Europe, and Singapore, which specialises in designing and managing through the execution of customised security plans for aviation-related occurrences. Within 24 hours of the client's request, MedAire developed a comprehensive security strategy tailored to the specific requirements of the private aircraft event based on the client's profile, risk tolerance and exposure.

Executive Protection Referrals

Understanding the potential threat some protesters could pose, MedAire provided secure transport and executive protection services to accompany the executive leadership personnel, owner and entourage. These experts handle high-risk situations, provide maximum covert protection, and respond rapidly to potential security threats. The presence of well-trained and licensed executive protection personnel offered reassurance and deterrence to likely untoward situations.

Airport Security Assessment

Immediately upon receiving notification, MedAire orchestrated the deployment of security experts to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of the airport, Fixed-Base Operator (FBO), route from and to the airport to the event and at the event site. These experts pinpointed areas of vulnerability near the planned parking location of the planes. They promptly advised, influenced and relocated the aircraft to a more secure place with lower risk exposure. Furthermore, they identified specific fencing sections that required reinforcement to deter unauthorised access during the event. The assessment meticulously examined the existing security protocols, access control measures, and perimeter defences, ensuring alignment with all parties to the prevailing situational analysis.

This action reflects MedAire's commitment to expertise, respect, and care, providing innovative solutions to enhance security in the aviation industry. MedAire recommended and implemented enhanced security measures around private aircraft. These measures included increasing surveillance coverage, deploying additional security personnel around the plane, the airport terminal, and the venue and implementing access controls to monitor, deter, detect and prevent entry of unauthorised or suspicious personnel.

Successful Operation

MedAire conducted a tailored security plan in less than 24 hours, ultimately ensuring the safety and peace of mind of the private aircraft owners, their executive leadership team and guests. This case study is a testament to MedAire's aviation security expertise and commitment to delivering effective solutions even in high-pressure situations. MedAire's comprehensive security plan and rapid response significantly reduced the risks associated with potential environmental protests targeting the event.

The presence of executive protection personnel, enhanced security measures, and an FBO, airport, and venue security assessment reassured the aircraft owners that their safety and the safety of the aviation sector was paramount. These predictive, proactive and reactive control measures enabled the flight operation and event to proceed smoothly, with no reported security incidents or disruptions caused by protesters.


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