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Safeguarding Lives Amidst Crisis

MedAire's Support during a Security Crisis in Sudan

In times of crisis, the importance of comprehensive medical and security support becomes even more critical. This case study showcases MedAire's unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of clients during a security crisis in Sudan. Through swift action, strategic coordination, and extensive expertise, MedAire demonstrated its ability to provide invaluable assistance in challenging environments.

On April 13, 2023, the Sudanese Rapid Security Forces (RSF) mobilized troops to Khartoum and Merowe, marking the onset of a full-scale internal war between the RSF and the Sudanese Army. Recognizing the severity of the situation, International SOS, issued an advisory urging the affected clients to "Stand fast for next 24 hours following paramilitary forces’ mobilisation". Promptly, MedAire and International SOS activated its Crisis Management Team (CMT), comprised of 28 internal Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) from diverse fields such as security, network planning, operations, medical, and aviation.

The Crisis Management Team (CMT) quickly established a command center in the Dubai Assistance Centre, bringing together global SMEs to collaborate on extraction plans and logistical support. Despite the challenging circumstances on the ground, including a risky environment, street warfare, and looting of supplies and vehicles, the CMT worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of clients.

MedAire provided comprehensive extraction and evacuation support to air carriers' personnel from Khartoum to Port Sudan. This involved arranging supply drops of essential provisions like food, water, and medication. Ground movement planning and safe evacuation guidance were also provided to those in-country. MedAire played a pivotal role in liaising with governments, airlines, ministries, and civil aviation authorities to facilitate the safe evacuation of individuals stranded in Sudan.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, MedAire engaged with carriers operating into Sudan, offering advice, assistance, analysis, and logistical support to ensure the safety of their assets and personnel. Robust risk assessments were produced for certain carriers operating into Port Sudan, which were instrumental in supporting evacuation flights. Additionally, MedAire worked closely with air carrier insurance providers, defending aviation security risk assessments to support evacuation flight operations.

MedAire's support extended beyond Sudan's borders, as IMT personnel were deployed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt to meet and support those arriving from Port Sudan at Jeddah and other Egyptian maritime ports. This comprehensive approach ensured a seamless transition and continued care for evacuees.

The numbers speak for themselves, highlighting the extensive reach and impact of MedAire and International SOS assistance during the crisis. Over 150 security, medical, and operational assistance cases were handled, with five special advisories, 21 alerts, 21 party lines and 7 audio updates issued to keep clients informed. Two road evacuation convoys covered a distance of 900 km during 17–22-hour journeys. Additionally, more than 50 triple hotel rooms were pre-booked in Port Sudan to accommodate those evacuating from Khartoum.

In conclusion, the Sudan crisis serves as a testament to MedAire's robust and rigorous capabilities in providing comprehensive assistance and assessment in challenging environments. By leveraging a multidisciplinary Crisis Management Team and establishing strong partnerships with stakeholders, MedAire demonstrated its unwavering commitment to safeguarding lives and ensuring the well-being of clients amidst crisis situations.


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