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Streamline Medical Assistance with MedAire's In-Flight App

Streamline Medical Assistance with MedAire's In-Flight App

A passenger started to feel unwell on his flight to the United States from Germany. He felt dizzy and light-headed. As his in-flight meal was being served, the passenger requested an ice pack; the thought of sitting uncomfortably for five more hours on a plane increased his anxiety. So, he drank water, ate food, and placed the ice pack on his forehead to feel better, relaxing his head back.

The passenger lost consciousness one hour after the meal service, and his wife called for the flight attendant. A flight attendant urgently requested assistance from onboard medical volunteers and went to grab the onboard medical kit. A Physician's Assistant onboard offered to help. The airline had recently issued iOS devices to all cabin crewmembers, and the flight attendant recalled on MedAire's In-Flight App.

Using the onboard Wi-Fi, MedAire's In-Flight App accelerates communication between the aircraft and MedLink. The flight attendant could select the appropriate scenario by answering two simple questions, and the App suggested immediate actions. The flight attendant gathered all the necessary passenger information, transmitted that data to MedLink doctors and called MedLink using VoIP technology all through the App.

During this process, the passenger regained consciousness. While he woke up feeling confused and light-headed, he was not displaying any additional acute symptoms. The medical volunteer was able to coordinate the care plan with MedLink, and they agreed to observe. MedLink doctors advised keeping the passenger with his legs elevated until they fully recovered and slowly returned to his seat. Then, drink plenty of water and monitor for the next 30 minutes for any changes.

Although the passenger's vital signs remained consistent for the next several hours, flight attendants maintained close observation should he lose consciousness again. Unfortunately, a few moments after the captain announced the plane was beginning its final descent; the man loses consciousness again. Flight attendants contacted MedLink again via the In-Flight App and repeated the manoeuvres which worked in the first instance. The man regained consciousness again, and as the plane was already in the beginning stages of landing, MedLink arranged for emergency medical services to meet at the gate. From there, paramedics boarded the aircraft, helped the passenger off the plane and brought him to a nearby hospital.

MedAire's In-Flight App is the newest way to communicate with MedLink. While you can get assistance via Radio, Satellite or ACARS, MedAire will always provide in-flight access using the best technology available. In addition to the improvements in communication technology, the App comes loaded with AI-guided Victim Assessment Scenarios to guide non-medical first responders through managing a medical event quickly.


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