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NEW MedAire360 Portal: Next Generation Intelligence

NEW MedAire360 Portal: Next Generation Intelligence

MedAire is excited to announce our newest aviation product innovation. The MedAire360 Client Portal is an elevated, powerful, and simplified version of the Comprehensive Client Portal.

The MedAire360 portal incorporates exciting new features:
  • ALERT & THREAT VISUALISATION real-time threats and aviation alerts are displayed on a map.
  • FLIGHT ROUTE VISUALISATION upload routes from your planning software to visualise risks using multiple threat vectors. Multiple routes can be added and saved for future use.
  • FLEET TRACKER opt-in FlightAware data feed tracks assets directly within the portal.
  • AIRPORT RISK RATING formerly Go/No Go reports is displayed as an easy-to-understand rating on a colour-coded scale.
  • COVID IMPACT RATING colour-coded ratings for domestic and international travel risks.

"MedAire360 continues to evolve as the must-have tool for aviators to mitigate risks to their missions and travelling populations. With the new MedAire360 Portal, we combine the best available data with additional analysis from the industry's foremost medical and security experts, giving a 360-degree profile of each trip scheduled," explains Jason Nygren, Global Security Manager.

In partnership with Samdesk, MedAire has integrated an open-source information feed powered by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. This platform scans and processes more than 1.3 billion data inputs per day from the open web and social media sources to detect disruptive events within minutes of the occurrence.

Combining MedAire's human-led analysis with new speed and processing capabilities, the new MedAire360 Portal provides members unparalleled access to near real-time threat information layered with travel, aviation, medical, and security intelligence in a modernised user interface.

Jake Heaton, Security Operations Manager, continues, "The real-time and customisable Incident Notifications present an invaluable addition to our traditional Aviation Travel Security Briefs and Aviation Alerts. This key breaking information is essential for making an in-the-moment operational decision. Additionally, the ability for clients to export airport, city, and country information in addition to Alerts and Incidents presents a simple, time-saving option for self-service for both operators and crew."


Jake Heaton is MedAire's Global Security Operations Manager, Aviation and Maritime, based out of the Philadelphia Regional Security Center. Jake oversees operations at MedAire's Aviation and Maritime Security Centers in Dubai and Philadelphia, both of which provide 24/7 coverage and analysis of worldwide events that have the potential to affect civil aviation operations. Before this role, he managed a team of aviation security analysts in Philadelphia and served as a Security Specialist with International SOS, primarily focused on the Americas region.

Jason Nygren is MedAire's Global Security Manager, Aviation and Maritime, after joining the organisation in 2013. Before joining MedAire, Jason worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) as an intelligence officer for technical collection supporting counter-terrorism operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. Before that, Jason spent nine years in the US Air Force as a non-commissioned officer working on special operations and airborne intelligence collection platforms in Europe and the Middle East.


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