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Yacht Safety & Security

Ensure the safety and security of your crew, vessel and guests with up-to-the-minute information and alerts

Crew and guest safety and wellbeing are the most important responsibilities for any superyacht captain, but how do you ensure that you have accurate, up-to-date information when travelling and making risk assessments?

You might be making similar annual trips, but has the information about your location changed since you last visited and what are the latest Covid entry requirements? This is where MedAire can help.

For Yachting customers, the MedAire membership not only includes medical assistance, but also our Safety and Security service. This element of the membership gives you access to a combination of on-demand content, as well as a dedicated security team that can provide tailored information and intelligence to help better manage the health and safety of your crew, your guests, and your vessel.

The Covid-19 pandemic, for example, may negatively affect the health of your crew but it has also impacted country entry and travel requirements as well as upended civil order in many locations. [View the latest report from our Safety and Security team about the implications of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout here.]

Here are 3 ways MedAire customers can benefit from our Safety & Security service:

1. Port Risk Assessments (PRAs)

PRAs are the most-used feature of our Safety and Security service and allow you to generate reports for our most-requested ports, at the touch of a button, through our App.

PRAs are useful when assessing new ports, as well as ones that you haven’t visited for a while, pulling together the most up-to-date information available.

Each report summarises:
  • Port medical and travel risk ratings
  • Local threat assessment and analysis
  • Nearby airfields, heliports, and medical facilities
  • Information, such as: capacity, depth, GPS coordinates, fuel/security/CCTV

2. MedAire Portal

The MedAire portal is another added benefit of the full MedAire membership and the content draws from the vast data and analysis curated and developed by International SOS and MedAire.

Generate reports, based on your chosen country or disease/virus filters, and easily print or email them. We also recommend our customers set real-time email alerts, to ensure they are made aware of any relevant changes that could affect their plans.

  • Country: Check the current risk summary and ratings, alerts, recommended vaccinations, and any medical or travel safety precautions that should be taken.
  • Disease / virus: If the area you are visiting has an increased threat of a particular disease, you can use this filter to find out more information.
  • Regularly updated COVID-19 microsite: In collaboration with International SOS, MedAire also has microsites for topics or emerging diseases that we frequently get questions on. Our Covid-19 microsite for example has been extremely popular for many of our customers, allowing them to gain country-specific information, which is updated every 24 hours.
The Covid-19 pandemic, alongside several natural disasters, impacted the economies of many smaller islands that rely on tourism, which in turn will likely have an impact on medical infrastructure, so it’s important to ensure that you have readily available information in one central location.

3. Bespoke requests and advice

When you require more specific information than the Portal or a PRA can give you, we encourage our clients to directly get in touch with us.

A recent example was a client’s diving trip in the Sulu Sea, Philippines.

As areas of the sea are known for pirate activity, our security team was consulted on the trip and we assessed the location, confirming that it was far enough away from affected areas (near Malaysia and the southern Philippines) for the trip to safely take place.

The security team can also coordinate transport and make recommendations based on the security risks in your area. View more examples here.


To find out more about upgrading to the comprehensive MedAire membership, which includes both security and medical assistance, get in touch with your Account Manager, or Contact us here.


COVID-19 Security implications report: What the vaccine rollout could mean for your team.