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3 tips to support mental well-being onboard a superyacht

3 tips to support mental well-being onboard a superyacht

For crew members everywhere, it's been a difficult year, with many spending longer periods onboard, not being able to see friends and family and having to keep on top of changing Covid guidance.

We've heard that the shared experience has brought some vessels closer together, whilst others have fragmented and of course the impact of this upon mental health cannot be understated. As a captain, if you haven't already, you need to be thinking about putting appropriate support measures in place for your team, to help meet your duty of care requirements.

In our recent webinar with Sara Ballinger from Crew-Glue, we discussed some of the things that captains can do to better support the mental well-being of their crew.

Crew-Glue is an organisation that specialises in developing and bonding high performing teams in the superyacht industry through team-building and MedAire has an established Emotional Support programme, to provide crew and their families with confidential access to professional, structured counselling sessions.

Watch snippets from the interview below. You can also view the full 35 minute recording here, full of practical advice, help and tips for creating a supported, cohesive team.


1. Understand the importance of emotional intelligence and how to use it 

" If you're not using your emotional intelligence as a captain, you're missing a trick" says Sara. Find out more about this often-overlooked skill in the video below: 

2. Recognise when someone is struggling and know what to look out for 

"If you think something is wrong, it usually is" says MedAire's Brent Palmer, who has previously specialised in mental health nursing. Hear more about how to use a BATOMI assessment when discussing potential mental health issues: 

3. Approach mental health in a holistic way

By working with Crew-Glue, we recognise the need for a holistic approach towards mental health and creating supported, cohesive teams. Find out more below about how our respective services can help your crew: 


Make sure to watch the full recording here full of practical advice, help and tips.

To find out more about MedAire's Emotional Support service, contact us here or reach out to your Account Manager.  

For more information about Crew-Glue, contact