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Leading the Way in Digital Health Passport Processing

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Leading the Way in Digital Health Passport Processing: ICC AOKpass and MedAire / International SOS

Even as people are being vaccinated, countries will continue to require proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination for entry. While the world’s vaccinated population grows every day, so do travel restrictions and the need for digital health passports in the next normal.

AOKpass and MedAire, an International SOS Company, have already processed thousands of health certificates for travellers worldwide. Real-world trials are currently being performed internationally, including a successful large-scale program with Etihad on their Pakistan-Abu Dhabi flights and Alitalia out of Rome in partnership with Delta Airlines for flights into the US. These trials have proved to save countless hours of time-consuming manual checks at the airports while providing a safe and secure way to ensure that passengers have tested negative by an approved medical facility. Starting in early March, Air France, French bee, and Air Caraïbes will begin their trials. Additionally, nearly 130 airports in 18 countries are poised to deploy AOKpass with the airlines they serve. This includes ADP Group, TAV and Aeroporto Di Roma.

Leveraging our extensive global network of over 80,000 accredited and vetted clinics and health providers, the ICC AOKpass uses secure blockchain-based technology to process digital health certificates. The ICC AOKpass collects no medical information from its users and applies medical, government and industry standards to ensure seamless travel through multiple jurisdictions. The network behind the app ensures that certificates are compliant and not counterfeit. The AOKpass is purpose-built to be safe, secure, and interoperable with all other systems.

When you partner with MedAire and AOKpass, your customer’s personal medical information stays on their device under their control. The app provides a “pass” they share, and you process. The pass is verified against the digital signature in the app to ensure authenticity. Everything is verified without having to process any Personal Health Information.

As the airline industry’s leading health partner, MedAire has provided passenger-fit-fly assessments, ground-based in-flight medical event assistance and crew travel health since 1986, expertly positioning us to partner with ICC AOKpass. Together we support airlines and the travel industry with a common goal to open borders, encourage travel and to get people flying safely again.


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