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Video call a doctor directly from your vessel

TeleConsultation now available

Convenience and speed of service are paramount when you have a medical need while travelling. This has always been at the core of what we do at MedAire and for over 30 years we have brought innovation to telehealth. In line with this, we are excited to now offer TeleConsultation as a standard part of our MedAire membership.

TeleConsultation is a service that enables you to consult, and if needed, obtain a medical prescription from a certified doctor, via live video chat. In some cases (location dependent) medication can even be delivered right to your vessel.

Keeping a healthy crew

For so many individuals and organisations around the world, the conversation has quickly turned to health and wellbeing, and words like ‘social-distancing’ have become a part of our everyday vocabulary.

We’ve become meticulous when it comes to personal hygiene but we’re also much more germ-conscious, which is one of the reasons TeleConsultation is now such a vital part of the MedAire membership, as it enables crew and guests to limit interactions, reducing their potential of contracting COVID-19 and other contagious viruses, when seeking onshore medical advice.

Steven Bates, the General Manager at MedAire and an ex SuperYacht Captain says “The current environment presents extra pressure to Captains and crew everywhere, with many vessels following additional protocol to keep them safe during the pandemic. Knowing that medical help can be offered via video TeleConsultation, through your MedAire membership means one less worry for these vessels.”


It has already been used by many of our yachting customers and as the five most common medical case categories all qualify for TeleConsultation (Ear, Nose and Throat, Gastrointestinal, Respiratory, Musculoskeletal, and Urological / Renal) it’s been an incredibly useful tool for many crew members onboard the vessels we serve.

Client Story

Where? Crete, Greece, December 2020
Who? A crew member needed assistance in obtaining a prescription to support their medical condition.
What happened? The crew member contacted MedAire to speak with a nurse. Knowing that TeleConsultation was available in Greece, the nurse arranged a video call with a physician for her.
What was the result? Within two hours of the initial call to MedAire, the crew member was speaking with a physician who was able to write her a prescription to pick up at a local pharmacy. In addition to the time that was saved for the crew member in organising, going to and waiting for the appointment, the amount of contact ashore wasn’t enough to trigger the yacht’s COVID-19 protocol - allowing operations to continue as normal.

investing in teleconsultation

As a result of strong customer feedback, we’re continuously investing in our TeleConsultation service and the network of countries we operate in is constantly expanding. TeleConsultation:

  • Allows you to be seen and treated faster.
  • Gives you the ability to receive treatment onboard.
  • App is easy to use, highly secure and HIPAA & GDPR compliant (Available for both iPhone (iOS) and Android).
  • No registration required.
  • No personal health information is stored on the app.

For more information about TeleConsultation download our FAQs or contact your Account Manager.

If you're not a MedAire customer and want to find out more about our membership, including TeleConsultation, contact us here.