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Civil Unrest Impacts Your Operation: Mali Coup


After a summer filled with protests calling for the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, a faction of the Malian Armed Forces executed an attempt to overthrow the government. The coup began at a military base 10 miles outside the capital, Bamako, the morning of 18 August. By Midnight, the President had resigned his office and dissolved the government, creating uncertainty as to when a new civilian government would be installed.

As events transpired, MedAire provided three Aviation Security Alerts with actionable advice to manage operations in the region. The Security Team has continued to monitor the situation on the ground in Mali, and as of this writing, has issued 18 additional Travel Safety Alerts with updates.

Mali is one of the poorest nations in the world and is a variable-risk region with high investment potential. As a result, many clients have concerns about ground transportation, the security of assets, lodging and civil unrest while conducting business in country.

During the recent unrest leading up to the coup, preferred hotels in the past were no longer ideal due to their proximity to ongoing protests. MedAire's security provider in Mali identified a different hotel to use in the interim that would be unaffected by the unfolding events. Following the coup, clients have been advised to modify operations to short turnaround missions due to the ongoing and changing nature of the events in country, while maintaining quick return options to react to new threats.

Hotel Security Advisor

These events showcase some of the many ways MedAire stands ready to assist its clientele. MedAire360 clients have the option to activate OnDemand access to Hotel Security Advisor – a database of vetted hotel facility data for hundreds of locations and over 1200 global properties. In addition to the library of Airspace Assessments and Aviation Travel Security Briefs, MedAire360 clients receive health and safety updates via push notification on their mobile device whenever there is a noteworthy incident liable to impact operations. Additionally, clients are always able to call or email 24/7 to consult with a security specialist about breaking events across the globe.


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