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Children & In-flight Medical Events

During an in-flight medical event, crew need to quickly and easily locate items in the onboard medical kit. And, they need a medical kit stocked with items appropriate for the ailing passenger. 

While events affecting adults in-flight are well-documented, incidence involving children had never been the subject of an extensive, global study.    

As a company dedicated to providing expert care, everywhere, MedAire partnered with Duke University to understand the medical events children experience in flight. 

By understanding the medical events children experience, opportunities to improve crew training and provide age-appropriate medications can be identified. Since almost all drug dosages vary by age, age is a critical component to provide appropriate care. 

The results of MedAire’s expertise, partnered with the high academic standards of Dr. Rotta and Duke University, were published in the prestigious Annals of Emergency Medicine, the number one journal in emergency medicine. 

This new research is just one example of how MedAire uses their expertise to lead the industry in onboard medical safety. 

MedAire has provided assistance during in-flight medical events for more than three decades. This real-world experience goes into the development of our medical kits. The physical design of MedAire medical kits; the inclusion of medications and supplies – and their placement within the kits – are all a result of MedAire’s medical and commercial aviation expertise. 

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