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Medical Evacuation 101

A crew member is seriously injured. They have been stabilised, but they’re far from home and the quality of care they are receiving isn’t appropriate for their condition. The question becomes: will they receive better care at another facility and – if so – how will they get there?

These are questions MedAire answers on a daily basis. When the decision is made to move a patient to a new medical facility, there are thousands of decisions, details, and logistics to consider.

Behind the Scenes of a Medical Evacuation describes the considerations and logistics that go into planning the safest transport possible: 
- Establishing the need for a medical evacuation
- Selecting appropriate receiving care facility 
- Confirming the receiving care facility will accept the transfer
- Special considerations for international medical evacuations
- Determining the method of transport for the medical evacuation
- Benefits and limitations of commercial aircraft, private aircraft and air ambulances
- When an air ambulance is the best choice for transport
- Flight plan logistics
- Airport and runway restrictions  

A successful medical evacuation is the culmination of thousands of considerations, questions and decisions. It requires extensive knowledge of medical facilities around the world, a solid network of air ambulance and transport partners, and global logistics specialists to facilitate payment, records transfer, translators and more.     

MedAire is unique in our ability to deliver this service for our clients. No other provider can compete with the reach, the resources, the processes, and our experience in managing international medical evacuations.   Download the full article here.


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