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Medical Placement for Yachts

Extreme sports, exotic destinations and remote havens are increasingly popular amongst yacht owners and guests. Captains and crew can confidently support these requests by having a medical professional onboard. 

The comfort and wellbeing of guests is the number one priority for the yacht crew. Adding a medical professional to the crew to assist during an accident, health issue, and to support clients with special medical needs is the ultimate in care that can be provided.   

MedAire offers short to mid-term placement of highly qualified medical professionals to accompany guests during their cruise. MedAire places experienced doctors, nurses and paramedics on yachts around the world to ensure the best possible onboard care. 

Call MedAire to discuss your upcoming itineraries and guest needs. MedAire and our parent company, International SOS, have an extensive pool of qualified, experienced, insured medical professionals ready to support your guests and itineraries.  

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