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Emirates Group Security Appoints MedAire as a Partner to Enhance AVSEC Threat and Risk Assessments

Jan 11, 2021
MedAire News

Emirates Group Security’s – a multi-faceted organization part of the Emirates Group – longstanding partnership with MedAire has been cemented with yet another collaboration to build an innovative, cutting-edge solution that will improve its thorough analysis and threat-prevention systems in the aviation industry.

MedAire has been appointed to provide timely, accurate and actionable information that will enhance Emirates Group Security’s (EGS) arsenal of leading-edge systems. The partnership between the companies to create a comprehensive security solution will allow for increased accuracy and decreased incidents. MedAire’s aviation security solution for Emirates Group Security will include airspace and airport assessments, 24/7 access to security/operational assistance, and security intelligence via an Aviation App and Travel Security Online Portal. 

Dr Abdulla Al Hashimi, Chief of Group Security, commented: “Our reputation in the industry for providing the best aviation security services is unrivalled. One of the reasons for our unequalled success is the constant investment in technology and our absolute resilient efforts for continual improvement. I am delighted with this partnership, and I’m sure that Emirates Group Security with MedAire will provide for a safer environment for all aviation industry professionals and customers.”

MedAire’s Aviation Security services help airlines receive timely, accurate, actionable information and provide them with thorough security assessments of crew hotels and ground transport at outstations. These additional security precautions will allow Emirates Group Security – solely responsible for handling security services and its implementation across the entire Emirates Group – to leverage and deploy a safer environment in all the moving facets of the operational chain.

Emirates Group Security was recently awarded the Dubai Quality Gold Award for Business Excellence and continues to adopt international standards that have made the company a market leader in the aviation security industry for over 29 years. EGS’s decision to incorporate MedAire’s Aviation Security services is aligned with its ethos and commitment to safety, security, and best practices for mitigating operational risks.  

Emirates Group Security places great emphasis on continual improvement as an everyday method-of-working. The organization has successfully implemented several lean, quality-enhancing, and forward-thinking projects in all its departments. This has allowed EGS to continue delivering the highest level of aviation security services, unperturbed by the year-long pandemic. 

MedAire signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Arab Air Carriers’ Organization (AACO) as the preferred supplier of Aviation Security and Assistance Services for their Airline Members, including Emirates Group Security. MedAire’s strong presence in the Middle East and Africa - which includes a Security Centre in Dubai - their expertise in-country and their extensive client base in the Region offers a platform for the airlines to rely on for their threat analysis.

About MedAire
MedAire, an International SOS company, has been a partner to the aviation industry since 1985. MedAire provides fully integrated travel health and security solutions to over 150 of the world’s leading airlines and more than 4,000 private aircraft including 75% of fortune 100 companies. Integrated solutions include real-time advice and assistance, training, equipment, and professional services for crew and passengers both in and beyond the cabin. MedAire’s MedLink and Global Response Centre, handle thousands of calls a year to help crew and passengers manage medical and travel safety events in the air and on the ground with 24/7 access to emergency care doctors, nurses and aviation security specialists.

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About Emirates Group Security
Emirates Group Security is a multi-faceted organization that develops and implements security strategies and measures across the Emirates network. It offers a comprehensive range of aviation security services internationally and in the UAE, and helps safeguard customers, employees and company assets against acts of unlawful interference. Through continuous review and workforce training, Emirates Group Security implements international industry protocols to the highest standards, ensuring a safe and secure environment for Emirates airline and other operators.

In a highly specialized market with only a handful of competent organizations globally, Emirates Group Security is a leader in aviation security products, including aviation security education and training.

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