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Expertise Drives Advancement to Superyacht Medical Kits

Sep 24, 2019
MedAire News


New Medical Realities & MedAire’s Maritime Medical Experience Leads to Global MedKit Updates

MedAire, an International SOS company, continues to lead the industry with the latest updates to their onboard medical kit systems. 

Results from MedAire’s continued analysis of trends in the onboard medical needs of Superyacht clients, in addition to the new medical realities of growing global microbial resistance; emerging bacteria strains; incidence of drug allergy; and global shortages influenced the updates to the medical kit contents. 

“We continuously review the medications and equipment provided in our medical kit systems to ensure clients have access to the most appropriate, quality solutions to respond to the situations onboard,” said Dr David Farnie, MedAire Medical Director.   

Updates include: 
• additional antibiotics to improve coverage for emerging bacteria strains; 
• increased dosage of key antibiotics for more treatment options; 
• antiviral medications to complement topical creams; and
• the removal of certain antibiotics due to high incidence of allergy. 

These updates, along with other enhancements to the MedAire Global MedKit systems, will allow superior treatment for crew, owners, and guests.

MedAire medical kits are designed by medical and maritime experts. The MedAire Global MedKit includes equipment and medications for responding to common medical concerns as well as life threatening incidents and meets MCA specification MSN 1768, the merchant shipping notice that sets the minimum requirements for medical stores.

“While the MCA specification MSN 1768 provides recommendations for medication and dosage to have on board, it is not all-inclusive in terms of new medications available; emerging antimicrobial resistance patterns; and improved coverage for emerging bacteria strains,” continued Dr Farnie.  

The updates to the medications and dosages in the Global MedKit address the emerging resistance patterns and widen the spectrum of bacterial infections that can be treated with a single agent – or in combination in more complex or severe cases.

MedAire is the only superyacht medical provider backed with a global network of doctors, nurses, and public health professionals who constantly monitor the global health landscape - including disease outbreaks and epidemiology, disasters, vaccine updates, as well as public health developments.

Learn more about MedAire’s Global MedKit here

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