HealthMap 2014

HealthMap 2014 is a tool to help organizations understand the medical risks in the markets where they fly.

The HealthMap 2014 indicates risk and the level of medical assistance often implemented for five categories: ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, ‘Medium & High’, ‘High’ and ‘Extreme’.

By understanding potential risks, flight departments can prepare executives prior to departure and assist executives and crew with medical support should the need arise during their travels. 

Why Medical Risk Ratings?

The idea behind the medical risk ratings is to make sure travelers stay safe during international travel. The HealthMap helps companies in understanding the environment into which they send their executives and crew.

The level of medical risk should influence the scope of pre-travel preparation and checks that flight departments and travelers undertake.

With greater risk, more preparation should be made and more precautions taken.

Medical risk ratings can help:

  Limit the risk of failed missions through preparation: health, education and training
  Manage responsibilities and Duty of Care for international travelers and crew
  Monitor and communicate risks
  Guide on the evaluation of medical capabilities

How MedAire may support your team:

MedAire provides business and general aviation clients with medical, travel and safety services in-flight and at destination.

The travel safety solution includes access to aviation travel security briefs, information and advice to mitigate risks at destination and access to the MedAire global network of medical resources, security experts, local providers and logistics personnel. 

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